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The McBride Sisters Wine Company Announces First-Ever Joint Venture with Whiny Baby


The Pioneering Women-Founded Wine Company Expands Role in Wine Industry Through Partnership with Gen Z Beverage Start-Up

(Oakland, CA – June 14, 2023) The McBride Sisters Wine Company (MSWC) today announces its first joint venture, a partnership with entrepreneur Jess Druey and her wine brand Whiny Baby. The collaboration between Robin McBride, Andréa McBride John and Druey formalizes the McBride Sisters Wine Company’s production and distribution of the Whiny Baby collection of wines on a national scale and through direct consumer sales via www.whinybaby.com. The brand will formally launch via direct-to-consumer sales this July and will begin entering national retail accounts in October.

MSWC’s joint venture with Whiny Baby significantly augments production capacity and national distribution for the start-up brand following its successful California launch of Whiny Baby wines in 2022. Whiny Baby will have access to the MSWC’s substantial network and will benefit from the trailblazing women-founded brand’s established relationships with national retailers, buyers and hospitality partners.

It will enter the market with three distinct bottlings: “Obsessed,” a vibrant and fruity red wine; “Unwind,” a white wine defined by a citrusy freshness; and “OMG!?!?,” a lightly-bubbly rosé, all sourced from California vineyards and certified Carbon Neutral.

Druey created Whiny Baby as a cheeky answer to the demand for brands offering a sense of connection, particularly among Gen Z consumers. Embracing the allegation that her generation is comprised of “whiny babies” seeking attention, Druey imagined a wine brand that sparks conversation and cultivates connection, primarily through authentic representation and a relaxed approach to connecting consumers with wines that suit their lifestyles.

The partnership took shape when Druey contacted Andréa and Robin, inspired by their own tenacity and role as trailblazing women in the wine business. Her relentless pursuit got the attention of the McBride Sisters, who, having established the country’s largest Black- and women-founded wine company, were in a position to advise Druey on strategy and growth.

“After successfully marketing the first vintage of Whiny Baby to California consumers in 2022, I was thirsty for a better understanding of the wine industry to help me plan the future of the brand,” says Druey. “I’d discovered the McBride Sisters Wine Company and with no other industry contacts, made it my mission to learn what I could from them. I did not stop until I got their attention,” she continues. “I can’t count the number of Instagram DMs, notes on LinkedIn and shot-in-the-dark emails I sent, all of which were worth it, given this fantastic partnership.”

Of their first joint venture, Andréa McBride John reflects, “Jess has followed her instincts and created a California wine brand that captures exactly what Gen Z wants from a wine brand and the overall wine experience through a vision focused on community. She’s a fearless and determined entrepreneur, and we are thrilled to support her in her growth and evolution of the brand, breaking all the old-school wine rules and having too much fun along the way.”

Robin McBride notes, “Jess’ vision and tenacity reminded us so much of ourselves when we first started in the wine business. We were incredibly inspired by her unapologetic viewpoints and goal of serving the Gen Z community of which she’s a part.”  Encouraging consumers to follow along on Whiny Baby’s Instagram page, @whinybaby, she continues, “We’re witnessing the start of the Gen Z revolution that’s here for good and we’re excited to support this effort and welcome it in the world of wine.”

Through Whiny Baby, Druey and the McBride Sisters are creating a unique wine experience that prioritizes play in everyday life, one which sparks dialogue through interactive write-on, peel-away labels and “conversation caps,” crown caps whose undersides are printed with questions and conversation-starters. The brand’s mantra, “Don’t stay bottled up,” calls consumers to own their self-expression, a value as authentic to the Gen Z consumer as it is to the McBride Sisters themselves, whose dynamic brands, including Black Girl Magic wines and SHE CAN Wines, each speak to consumer communities.

For more information on Whiny Baby, please visit www.whinybaby.com, or follow Jess Druey @whinybaby as she visits key cities to kick off the brand’s national distribution this summer and fall. For more information on the McBride Sisters Wine Company, please visit www.mcbridesisters.com.

About Whiny Baby:

Whiny Baby is wine without the fuss! We reimagine the drinking and wine discovery experience through connection-based consumption and believe that choosing a wine doesn’t need to be intimidating, confusing, or even hard to pronounce! It can (and should) be fun, easy, and engaging. We prioritize play everyday, with easy to drink and thoughtfully made wine in playful, interactive bottles, designed to uplift the mood and spark conversation, whatever the occasion. We believe in connection based consumption and wine as a powerful gathering tool, bringing people and ideas together to create the best experiences. From polling to decide on flavor blends and artwork, to sharing every part of the Whiny Baby journey with our family on socials, we invite our customers to be consultants in shaping the Whiny Baby brand together with us along the way. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. DON’T STAY BOTTLED UP! For more information visit www.whinybaby.com or follow us @whinybaby.

About the McBride Sisters Wine Company:

McBride Sisters Wine Company was founded by sisters, Robin McBride and Andréa McBride John, who believe wine companies should be accessible, sustainable, socially conscious and culturally aware. We are the largest Black-owned and largest all women-founded wine company in the United States. Our mission is to transform the industry, lead by example and cultivate community, one delicious glass at a time. We produce wine across two hemispheres, from premier coastal winemaking regions which are at the root of our story – where Andréa and Robin each grew up – in Aotearoa New Zealand and the Central Coast of California. We offer a unique portfolio of leading brands; McBride Sisters Collection, Black Girl Magic Wines, and SHE CAN Wines and spritzers. We are Wine for the New World. For more information, please visit mcbridesisters.com or follow along on Instagram at @mcbridesisters, @mcbridesisterscollection, @blackgirlmagicwines and @shecanwines.



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