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2023 Michigan Governor’s Cup Results


June 5, 2023 — The Michigan Wine Collaborative (MWC) is excited to announce the results from the most recent statewide wine competition, the 2023 Michigan Governor’s Cup, a partnership with the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI). This exciting and historic event featured a wine evaluation unlike any competition the Michigan wine industry has experienced with our previous statewide wine competitions. BTI conducted a series of professional blind tastings to rate and rank a set of Michigan produced wines, meads, and ciders at the BTI Chicago testing facility over a three month period of time. BTI reported their average awarded gold medals in a competition was around 20% and MWC is ecstatic to report we exceeded that average with Michigan wines earning 28% gold medals. In total Michigan wine earned 2 Platinum Medals, 83 Gold Medals, 152 Silver Medals, and 45 Bronze Medals. We are excited to announce and release the final evaluation results. Wineries and wines with their medal ranks are now listed on the Michigan Wine Collaborative website.

We are pleased to announce the following award categories and corresponding ‘Best of Category’ awards:

Governor’s Case Winners (top 5 white, top 5 red, top 2 sparkling):

To celebrate this wine evaluation and present awards to the top placing wineries, MWC is hosting the elegant Michigan Governor’s Cup Award Gala and Dinner in Lansing, MI on June 28th at the Lansing Center. MWC will also be hosting a more casual tasting event, the Winners’ Showcase Tasting at the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center the next evening on June 29th. Additionally, MWC is hosting a Trade Tasting prior to the Winners’ Showcase to give wine professionals with buying power for retailers, restaurants, and hospitality the opportunity to network with winning wineries, place orders, and incorporate Michigan wine into their upcoming sets, lists, and programs for 2023 and beyond.

While these events are hosted to celebrate Michigan wine, fundamentally they serve a greater purpose. The Michigan Governor’s Cup seeks to raise funds for Michigan Wine Collaborative to continue our important work promoting and supporting the Michigan wine industry through marketing projects, advance sustainability initiatives, provide resources to the industry, cultivate workforce development programs, and more. Additionally, these events will be raising funds to support the MWC Inclusion & Expansion Educational Fund which works to provide financial support and mentoring to historically excluded populations to advance their careers in Michigan wine.

Tickets for these events are still available but very limited. Those interested in attending are encouraged to secure their tickets ASAP to ensure entry to the events. MWC voting members and Premium Vintage Michigan Wine Club members both have access to exclusive discounts for admission to these events and have received the relevant promo codes in their inbox. MWC encourages those members to reach out to info@michiganwinecollaborative.com if they need a replacement code. We have also extended our 2023 Governor’s Cup Sponsorship deadline to June 9th for those interested in supporting this event and increasing their visibility among the Michigan wine industry. To lock in your sponsorship visit the link below:

Michigan Wine Collaborative – Store (wildapricot.org)

MWC is honored to have the opportunity to promote the world class wines made in the state of Michigan through this historic event. We are confident that this will be a unifying year for the Michigan wine industry through events like the 2023 Governor’s Cup Awards, the Taste Michigan wine branding launch, the inaugural MWC Inclusion & Expansion Scholarship Award, and more. We would like to formally thank our membership for making these events and projects a reality and invite the whole of Michigan wine producers and grape growers to consider joining our organization as well as supplier and vendors to the industry, educators, members of the trade, and all other industry affiliates and supporters. We have many opportunities available for membership and sponsorship of our organization with each allowing us to continue producing projects like the Michigan Governor’s Cup Awards and other promotional initiatives to increase and reinforce the Michigan wine brand.

The Michigan Wine Collaborative is the voice of the Michigan wine industry. Our mission is to enhance the sustainability and profitability of the Michigan wine industry by supporting wineries, growers and other businesses and individuals connected to the industry – today and for future generations.

For more information, contact us by reaching out to info@michiganwinecollaborative.com or send us a message on social media.




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