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Island Grove Wine Company Shares Expansion and Growth for 2023


After selling fresh blueberries from their farms for over 35 years, and wine for the last 12, the Island Grove Wine Company is excited to share their growth and plans for the 2023 year in the Southeastern United States. 

FLORIDA, December 9, 2022 – Island Grove Wine Company, a blueberry and fruit winery located in Island Grove Florida, is announcing their exciting growth plans to ring in the New Year. Not only will the winery be launching a new line of sparkling wines, but they are also increasing distribution to more states now more than ever. For the last 11 years you can find your favorite Florida wine made by Island Grove in many retailers in Florida; Publix, Whole Foods, Target, ABC Liquors, Total Wine, Fresh Market, Winn-Dixie and more. Distributed by Republic National Distributors, Island Grove Wine can be found in all regions of Island Grove’s home state (Florida) and even in Georgia. Republic National also represents the brand in Louisiana and Mississippi. In 2023, the expansion continues with distributor partners, AlaBev Distributing in Alabama and Athens Distributing in Tennessee providing the brand with great coverage in the southern states.

After years of providing exceptional fruit wine from the state of Florida, it is time to “take the sunshine with you” and be able to enjoy their signature Blueberry wines and Sangrias “anywhere the tides may take you” as Sarah Aschliman, VP of Marketing puts it. “We have been cultivating and harvesting millions of pounds of premium quality blueberries from our farms for many decades, and love being able to share our amazing fruit wines with each state that we enter.” It does not stop with those 6 states – discussions are in place with more potential partners to round out the SE region by the end of 2023.

Island Grove Wine Company has proved to be a fan favorite, winning crowd’s choice for “Best Wine” of show at the Publix sponsored 2022 Hollywood Beach Savor Food & Wine Festival (Spring) and at the 2022 St. Pete Beach Savor Food & Wine Festival (Fall). 

News on their sparkling wine will be shared by end of year, and the line extension to their creative and unique wine portfolio will be a holiday treat in itself.  Cheers!

About Island Grove Wine Company

Founded in 2010, the Island Grove Wine Company was created to make a value-added product to an already thriving blueberry farm. Their signature wines, Kinda Dry and Sorta Sweet, utilize nutrient rich blueberries to create beautiful, dry and sweet 100% blueberry wines. Now, years later, they produce over 20 kinds of wine, with some favorites being Sunshine State Berry Sangria and Blueberry Moscato.


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