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Transform Your Alcohol Habit


Finally figure out how to get control of alcohol and find freedom. ‘This Naked Mind’ Certified Senior Coach Ruby Williams will share information about the science and grace based methodology, which is an alternative to AA.

There will be ‘This Naked Mind’ books for sale, as well as fun raffle giveaways and free gifts. Stop by my booth for special event coupons to use towards my courses, which are designed especially for you to learn how to gain control of alcohol. Information will be available about the alcohol free movement and NA beverage movement.

Freedom Renegade Coaching
WIN Expo Booth: 120

I’m Ruby Williams, your Sonoma County Alcohol Freedom Coach and owner of Freedom Renegade Coaching. I used to work in the wine industry so I know the pressure to drink that comes with the job. My daily drinking felt like ‘Groundhog Day’ and it got out of my control. I found freedom from that vicious cycle and you can too!

Now I support individuals in the alcohol industry who are feeling stuck and drinking more than they want to. I’m trained to use a totally modern science based approach.

I’d love to be your guide through my step-by-step process that is proven to transform your alcohol habit. I’ve been there and you are not alone!

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North Coast Wine Industry Expo – WIN Expo – at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

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