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Brooklyn Wine Expert & Songwriter Nick Africano Launches National Sherry Brand

Debut in Barrel-Select Sherry Series”Las Canciones No. 1 ‘Mirador’ Manzanilla”
Releases Alongside New Album Recorded in Nashville, Gossip of Flames, in Spring 2021

Brooklyn, NY — Thursday, February 18, 2021 — Wine aficionado and Americana songwriter Nick Africano launches a premier sherry wine brand BUELAN COMPAÑÍA DE SACAS in New York City and select markets across the country to coincide with the national launch of his latest album, Gossip of Flames (Release Date: June 4, 2021). An expert in Spanish sherry as a Sales Associate for importer José Pastor Selections (NYC) and through his own entrepreneurial ventures, Africano marries his passions of viticulture and music for a special double release hitting in spring 2021. The BUELAN COMPAÑÍA DE SACAS bottling project features barrel-selected sherries. The release of “Las Canciones No. 1 ‘Mirador’ Manzanilla” marks the debut of the new series and serves as a tribute to the opening track “Mirador” on Gossip of Flames.

Africano is among the vanguard leading a modern wave of excitement for singular sherry wines in the United States. BUELAN COMPAÑÍA DE SACAS unveils an idiosyncratic series showcasing Africano’s work with two of the sherry region’s foremost wine purveyors, Ramiro Ibañez (Cota 45) and Willy Perez (Bodegas Luis Perez). True masters of the trade who carry on the age-old tradition of collaboration to develop the world’s finest sherries, the duo helped Africano set forth an unrivaled style for his entry into the category. “Las Canciones No. 1 ‘Mirador’ Manzanilla” is a single barrel bottling, Bota #18, of manzanilla with a limited-edition run on 500 bottles from almacenista, Bodegas del Río, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, led by third generation capatáz, Luís del Río.

“Las Canciones No. 1 ‘Mirador’ Manzanilla” is young and lively with an average of three years in solera with intense notes of citrus, sea shells, and salt. A stone’s throw from the sandy, brackish delta of the Guadalquivir River and a short drive north past the end of the Bajo de Guía, Africano’s sherry embodies the terroir of Barrio Bajo in Sanlúcar. Selected from a row of barrels along the warmer wall of the bodega, “Las Canciones No. 1 ‘Mirador’ Manzanilla” captures a fresh, playful expression of flavors.

For the official spring 2021 release of “Las Canciones No. 1 ‘Mirador’ Manzanilla,” Africano introduces the first of its kind, Enramistas Sherry Club, presented by En Rama Sherry Co. Africano and his team’s mission is to demystify sherries for the contemporary drinker. Enramistas Sherry Club ships rare wines quarterly to an exclusive members-only collective. For detailed information, please visit: enramanewyorkcity.com/sherryclub

As a songwriter, Africano is no stranger to the stages of New York City and country/folk bars nationwide as a touring artist. His latest single “Mirador” due out on March 5, 2021, brings the sweeping views of Granada, Spain atop the Mirador de San Nicolás to Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios. Africano journeyed to Granada as a side trek while on a trip to Jerez to develop BUELAN COMPAÑÍA DE SACAS. Atop the hillside slopes where Mirador de San Nicolás towers over the city, a vision struck for the outpouring of “Mirador.”

Africano flashed to some months past when his car was towed while parked outside of Church of Saint Nicholas in Brooklyn. He had left the car for a quick drink at a local bar, and upon returning, he knew a life lesson would eventually be learned but was overwhelmed with the disappearance of his car. Six months later, he found himself outside of Mirador de San Nicolás and the epiphany came that “Mirador” was in fact in the role of being a protector looking out for him.

“It was a beautiful moment looking out over the city of Granada, and I just had this feeling that Mirador de San Nicolás was keeping us safe,” says Africano. “It was as if Mirador de San Nicolás were a caretaker. I fastidiously dug into Saint Nicolas, and continued my love of discovering the works of Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca. This all brings a bit of Spain to an Americana song, ‘Mirador.'”

Gossip of Flames is a masterpiece featuring Africano in collaboration with Nashville’s rising star Lera Lynn; who serves as the producer and co-writer (7 of the 10 songs) of Gossip of Flames. The full-length album culls an identity from Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” though the recording is rooted in the experience of a performing artist based in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

For additional information regarding Nick Africano and his latest projects, please visit: enramanewyorkcity.com and nickafricano.com

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