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Time to Significantly Reduce Your 2018 Tax Liability


Stop by our booth and we would be happy to discuss potential tax saving opportunities. While it’s tempting to put off thinking about taxes until the last minute, there’s still time to significantly reduce your 2018 tax liability. Keep in mind that some tactics take time to implement and your window of opportunity grows smaller with each passing day. Also, the alcohol industry is facing significant business challenges: rapid industry consolidation, unprecedented levels of international competition, changing consumer preferences and demographics, and increasingly complex distribution networks and risk management issues. Chat with our industry experts to see how you could be better equipped.

Moss Adams
UWGS Booth: 638

Moss Adams serve more wine, beer, and spirits clients than any other CPA firm. To better serve our industry clients, we stay ahead of critical issues by immersing ourselves in the information stream and playing an active role in the industry. Our goal is to help equip your business with the fundamental financial and operational strength it needs to grow and thrive so you can focus on what you love most—the art of creating great products. We’ve been there every step of the way, working alongside more than 350 wine, beer, and spirits producers, suppliers, and distributors across the United States. Each industry segment has its own unique set of challenges and we’re here to help.

Trade Show Guide

 Explore the 2019 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium featured exhibitors:

Business Management

Human Resources






Production Services


Tasting Room




For a full list of exhibitors, go to www.unifiedsymposium.org/trade-show. You can also follow what’s happening on the trade show floor and conference sessions on twitter #UWGS.

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