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Aluminium Closures Seal Significant Part of Mundus Vini Award-Winning Wines


December 2018 – Widespread use of aluminium closures for high quality, premiered wines across all categories was highlighted during the Mundus Vini Summer Tasting 2018 event where wines using aluminium closures snatched up awards in all categories. Some 4,311 wines from all over the world were blind tasted, reviewed and rated by 175 expert judges from 40 countries.

Of the nine Grand Gold winners, the top award, two used aluminium closures. Among the Gold medals 21%, were using aluminium closures. For Silver 22% were sealed with screw caps. Out of the total of 1572 winning still wines, 342, a remarkable, 22%, had the modern screw cap as a preferred closure. This has also recently been mirrored in research, released by Euromonitor and IWSR where aluminium closures now account for just under 30% of the total global bottled still wine market.

Across the different categories of wines, from everyday drinking to high quality vintages, the picture is very interesting. In the €5-9.99 range 24% used screw caps, (136 out of the 564 awards). In the next category €10-19.99, 101 of 559 medalling wines, representing 18%, were equipped with aluminium closures, while the above €20 category saw a stunning 17% of the winning wines (70 out of 413) which are accessed by twisting off a cap rather than pulling a cork!

“We congratulate all the winning wines and the aluminium wine closures sector! With an almost 20% share of wines in the higher price ranges using screw caps shows they are part of the package of world-class quality wines.”, said Guido Aufdemkamp, the Executive Director of the Aluminium Closures Group.

About Aluminium Closures Group

The Aluminium Closures Group consists of the leading manufacturers of aluminium closures, aluminium strips and sheets for closures and is part of AMS Europe e.V, representing about 75% of global aluminium closure production. The members are Alcopack, Amcor, Astro, Closurelogic, FederfinTech, G3 Enterprises, Guala Closures, Herti and Mala, Vinventions, Torrent Closures as well as Aludium, Constellium, Impexmetal, Novelis,Laminazione Sottile, and Slim Aluminium. For more information visit: www.aluminium-closures.org

About Mundus Vini

Mundus Vini is an internationally recognized wine competition with an international jury delivering an independent, expert verdict on thousands of wines from around the globe. Wines are evaluated in accordance with the international 100-point scheme of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), also recognised by the Union Internationale des Oenologues (UIOE). Please visit the webpage here for a detailed overview of the Summer Tasting 2018 results.



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