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2018 Languedoc Wine List Awards for Excellence


Restaurants Recognized for Featuring Languedoc AOC Wines

(New York, NY) – Languedoc Wines bestows the 2018 Languedoc Wine List Awards for Excellence. This recognition is granted to 10 restaurants between the cities of New York and the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. These awards recognize on-premise accounts who have featured Languedoc AOC wines on their lists during a special promotional time frame – L’Aventure Languedoc.

L’Aventure Languedoc is an on/off premise sales promotion for Languedoc AOC wines focused on two target markets. The six week promotion was executed in New York and the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area in 2018. Participating accounts add and feature new Languedoc AOC wine SKUs to their lists and menus, offering creative menu pairings or tasting flights to introduce diners to the wines of this region.

“The restaurant environment is a key place for wine lovers to make new discoveries”, notes Christine Molines, Marketing Director for the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc. “With the opportunity to try a glass or enjoy the wine with a particular dish, they can feel confident in exploring all that Languedoc wines have to offer.” Languedoc is the largest wine region in France and produces all styles and colors of wine, there is something for every palate. “The pricing of our wines is also ideal for restaurant lists, as it is approachable for diners”, continues Molines. The region is home to +30% of France’s organic viticulture which has proven an added bonus in making the category attractive to those restaurants with a focus on sustainably produced products.

Overall, 2018 proved to be a period of great growth for the region in the US. According to the recently released BusinessFrance export reporting, Languedoc represents the 6th largest French AOP import category to the US, it represents 10% of all AOP wines exported from France to the US and it is the #1 producer by volume of French Rosé wines.

For more information on Languedoc and programs, please see our website: languedocadventure.com.

About The CIVL

The Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc (CIVL) is the trade council representing the entire AOC wine sector of Languedoc, as well as the IGP sector. It is responsible for organizing the promotion of Languedoc AOCs within France and in all export markets. The CIVL seeks to broaden the exposure of Languedoc wines in the United States to make the public aware of the quality, variety and incredible value they have to offer.



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