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CO2 Selector and Optical O2 Measurement Technology Equipment


Check out Haffmans CO2-Selector – Ideal for sparkling wine. When it comes to quality control, Pentair Haffman’s carbon dioxide and oxygen management equipment for measuring and controlling carbon dioxide and oxygen, is unsurpassed in the industry.


Non-invasive, selective CO2 package measurement using laser-based technology does not require contact with measured medium so no product is wasted.

  • Fast, repeatable measurement
  • Two measuring modes
  • No moving parts
  • PC controlled

Learn more about Pentair’s Winery Solutions including Haffmans Quality Control Equipment & Gas Washers, Südmo Valves and Pentair’s Membrane Filtration during the WIN Expo in Santa Rosa – Booth 433. Take advantage of our special WIN Expo offers. Purchase a CO2-Selector or one of the below instruments by Dec. 28, 2018 for a 10% discount and reference “WIN” on your Purchase Order.


The content of dissolved oxygen (DO) is extremely important to both the quality and taste of wine. Excess oxygen (O2) can compromise the flavor stability and lead to significantly reduced shelf life. The portable O2 Gehaltemeter, type o-DGM combines high accuracy with excellent measurement stability. This optical O2 measurement technology is greatly improved compared to traditional O2 measuring instruments. Our In-line O2 Gehaltemeter, type OGM determines the DO content based on optical O2 measurement.

WIN Expo Booth: 433

Pentair is your reliable source for innovative and proven technology throughout the winemaking process. We specialize in carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) management, quality control, process technology, microfiltration membranes for wine, and ultrafiltration membranes for water and wastewater treatment.

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