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Metrohm’s New, Fully Integrated Titration System Caters to the Needs of Today’s Laboratories


Metrohm offers pH measurement and titration solutions for wine analysis. We have instruments for automatic liquid handling, pH measurements, and titrations. Automation solutions are available to analyze up to 175 samples, 4 at a time!

Stop by our booth to learn about our new titration platform. OMNIS is Metrohm’s new, fully integrated titration system that caters to the needs of today’s laboratories. With OMNIS, we have gone beyond just creating a new titrator. We have put your requirements and your laboratory in the focus to develop a titration solution that simply offers more: faster results, more safety, more convenience, more efficiency – in short: performance on a whole new level.

Metrohm USA 
WIN Expo Booth: 814

Metrohm is a leading manufacturer of high precision instruments for chemical analysis. We offer a complete line of analytical laboratory and process systems for titration, ion chromatography, spectroscopy, and electrochemistry.

Today’s labs are required to produce more results with fewer resources than ever before. At Metrohm, we partner with you to match the right instrument system to your needs. It begins with a technical discussion to fully understand your measurement requirements. If required, our application chemists test your samples and instrument experts optimize your system configuration. The modularity of our instruments allows us to design sample handling and analysis platforms that deliver precise and reproducible results and increase the productivity of your lab.

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