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New and Award Winning Packaging Features for the Top of Your Bottle


Maverick now features a vertical removal feature for their PVC capsules for wine and spirits. Providing customers an easy way to reach the cork without a knife, this state of the art new feature is durable, built to withstand tampering from outside sources and at the ready for consumers to enjoy your wine. Stop by booth 321 and let us discuss your next project with our one of a kind new feature for your branding needs.

Maverick is happy to provide brand new features for our custom sparkling foils including hot stamp tops, domed and semi-domed tops providing numerous options for our customers.

These features are available for our custom sparkling foils which feature award winning rotogravure printing up to 6 colors, a design team available to help design your capsules, award winning forming and hot stamp capabilities and much more. 

Maverick also provides assistance to our customer based with luxurious Pure Tin Capsules by Rivercap. A sign of art and distinction enhancing wines and spirits with quality and luxury. They provide a distinctive smooth and malleable feel, embracing the bottle for a clean, prominent artisan capsule preferred by winery owners and sommeliers around the world. An elegant product and brand deserves the highest quality and grandeur capsule on the market. A tin capsules for your wine sets a statement from the company to the consumer that your brand is of the finest standard in the industry. 

Maverick now carries wirehoods by Le Muselet Valentin, a Sparflex company, at our facility. We offer a variety of colors in stock for those orders by the box in 3 standard colors as well as custom production options for your brands. Dress up your sparkling wine packaging with beautifully crafted wirehoods for your brands every need. Stop by booth 321 on Dec. 6th and ask us how we can help you with our sparkling wine packaging.

Maverick Enterprises
WIN Expo Booth: 321

Located in Ukiah, California, Maverick provides hands-on customer service and support to the majority of our customer base.  Maverick has a fully vertically integrated production facility which mean our PVC, Poly and Champagne capsules are printed, formed and shipped at our Ukiah facility.  From here we can track your project from inception to delivery, offering hands-on support for a domestically produced product as well as many others we distribute for our ownership team.  We are the largest capsule manufacturing company in North America, providing a customized, high-grade solution to the capsule needs of a wide range of companies in the food and beverage industries.

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