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Labeltronix Introduces Wine Label Wrap for Cans – A Canned Wine Program.


Labeltronix has been producing can labels for many of our customers who skip shrink. Also featuring the latest and greatest in wine label materials and embellishments. Our growth is fueled by our customer’s excitement and desire to create labels that will elevate their product. We’re always looking for ways to help our customers capture that vision and exceed the changing needs and demands set forth in the marketplace.

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Labeltronix is best known for our unique and proprietary Lean Labeling approach which hundreds of wineries are taking advantage of. With Lean Labeling, you have control over your labels.  With Labeltronix as your dedicated partner, you get order control and flexibility, high-quality printing, materials, and exceptionally eye-catching embellishments. Labeltronix has delivered on the promise of quality and reliability in every custom solution it creates.  Your craft is award-winning wine, theirs is award-winning labels.

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