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Petainer Launches Its Keg Portfolio at South East Asia’s Leading Brewing Event


– Stand no A7-A8 at SEA Brew, Manila, 20-22 June 2018 –

As part of its global expansion plans, Petainer, the leader in plastic container innovation, is launching its petainerKeg portfolio at this year’s SEA Brew, the region’s only annual Conference and Trade Fair for the brewing community.

Petainer’s keg range is tailored to the exacting needs of its customers, whilst protecting their brand and product integrity, and providing superior economic and sustainability benefits.  The portfolio comprises petainerKeg Classic, petainerKeg with USD top and sleeve, and the brand new petainerKeg Hybrid, which offers universal filling, excellent handling, safety and sustainability benefits. 

Petainer’s kegs have been designed to meet the highest industry standards for safety and product protection.  They are also subject to exhaustive scientific testing, including but not limited to, organoleptic, logistics and heat tests by Petainer’s own accredited laboratories and by globally recognised independent institutions such as the VLB, TOPA Institute and Hochshule Geisenheim University.

The kegs offer lower total cost of ownership than other packaging formats such as steel and glass, because they can be filled, sent and recycled when it is empty, cutting out costly return logistics and washing processes. 

They are also compatible with standard Micro Matic dispense systems – A, D, G and S – so customers know their product can be dispensed anywhere in the world

Three of South East Asia’s fastest growing craft breweries have already turned to one-way PET kegs to support their growth plans.  All have chosen petainerKeg™ to help them tackle the complex logistics in the region and make exporting to key markets such as Singapore profitable.

Kingdom Breweries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is the only premium craft brewery in a market currently dominated by Cambrew and Cambodia Brewery, both part-owned by leading global breweries.

Kingdom Breweries has not just recognised the opportunity for quality beer in the domestic Cambodian market, it also contracts brews for other breweries in the region.  For example, it is contract brewing for Thai brewers where legal requirements mean that small breweries cannot gain the necessary licenses to allow them to brew in the country.  Kingdom Breweries has also expanded its horizons with exports to the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

As a result, it has turned to Petainer to provide packaging solutions for both its domestic and export markets.  Thanks to Petainer’s competitive price point, ease of use and compatibility with Micromatic fittings, it plans to use the range of petainerKeg products for different markets; using the petainerKeg Classic for the local market and the petainerKeg USD and Petainer’s new Hybrid keg for export markets.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Rooster Beers has enjoyed rapid expansion as it has taken advantage of the fastest growing beer market in the world.  Vietnam is now the seventh largest beer producer at over four billion litres – ten years ago it produced just 1.3 billion litres.  Thanks to younger and middle-class drinkers looking for premium quality drinks, the country’s craft beer market is also booming.

Rooster Beers was quick to spot the opportunity craft beer presented in the domestic market and developed a range of classic beers which provided an alternative to mass-produced lagers, ranging from a crisp blonde beer, to an easy-to-drink dark ale suited to the hot South East Asian climate.

But its ambitions do not stop there.  Rooster Beers has set its sights further afield and has teamed up with Beer Porters Asia to start exporting to Singapore.  This also meant that it has had to look at alternative packaging solutions to bottles and steel kegs which could meet the logistical and climatic challenges of exporting beer in Asia. 

After a comprehensive review of the options available, Rooster chose Petainer’s USD keg, a one-way PET keg.  The keg is lower cost than other solutions, removes any return logistics and is compatible with universal fittings which means it can be used in bars and restaurants anywhere in the world.  When the keg is empty, it can simply be dissembled, crushed and put into the local recycling system.

Michael Sakkers, Brewmaster for Rooster Beers, said: “We have been very impressed so far with the Petainer kegs.  We have had zero problems and the price is quite solid. I love the fact that they can take any coupler and work with the way we currently keg –  we didn’t have to change a thing.”

Lovina Beach Brewery, which brews Stark Craft Beers and 1945 Craft Pilsner, is the first craft beer brewery in Indonesia. 

It has opted for petainerKeg™ USD because of their proven credentials when it comes to protecting the quality of the beer – VLB tests show that after nine months the taste of the beer hasn’t changed and is a on par with beer stored in steel kegs. 

They are also compatible with existing filling lines, lower cost than steel kegs and compatible with dispensing systems in retail outlets.  This is an important point, “as outlets are looking to serve the freshest possible beer from kegs that also require little to no maintenance, or intervention”, according to Stark Craft Beer’s Singapore importer, and distributor, Lyndsey Lam. For Stark, the technical support Petainer offers means that they have the reassurance that if a problem does occur, there’s a team of brewery experts on-hand to solve any issues quickly. 

Chris McEwan, Group Business Development Director, Petainer, said: “We are delighted to support three exciting new customers which really demonstrate why one-way PET kegs are becoming an important part of breweries’ growth stories.  However, it’s not just about products – our ability to provide the best quality technical support is also an important part of the decision-making process.” 

For more information about Petainer’s range of products, visit www.petainer.com

To find out more about the breweries, visit:

About Petainer

Petainer is a leader in plastic container innovation.  Our trusted expertise is revolutionising the ECOnomic impact of packaging – by reducing costs and improving sustainability, whilst also protecting the products of world-leading brands. 

We are a global business with five manufacturing sites around the world, with sales teams serving different markets working alongside a network of official distributors.  We provide our customers with local market expertise and technical support – wherever they are in the world.

We have a 35-year history of innovation and focus on finding the right solutions for our customers.  Our expertise in the markets we serve is second to none, thanks to a combination of skills from polymer scientists, designers, packaging technologists, brew masters, blowing and filling line specialists.

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