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Geneva-Based Auction House Baghera/Wines’ Next Remarkable Wine Auction Features an Estimated Value Between $7 and $13 Million



This historical wine auction featuring an impressive 855 bottles and 209 magnums from the reputed “pinot noir Master” will be held on sunday June 17th, 2018, at Domaine de Châteauvieux (Satigny-Geneva, Switzerland) from 2pm onwards.

LOT 88
1 magnum Vosne-Romanée Cros-Parantoux 1978
Estimate 20,000 – 40,000

The Genevan fine wines auction house invites connoisseurs and wine-passionates from all over the word to participate and conquer the 1064 astounding bottles and magnums originating from the private cellar of Domaine Henri Jayer. The sale catalogue enhances – as it ought to be – the 8 climats emblematic of Henri Jayer’s work, not to mention the famous Cros-Parantoux, known to be amongst the most prominent and expensive wines in the world. The estimates of the 215 lots offered at auction range from CHF 3’200 for one bottle of Nuits-Saint-Georges 1997 (lots 6&7) to CHF 280’000 for a 15-magnum vertical spanning from 1978 to 2001 (lot 160), for a sale global estimate of CHF 6,7 to 13 million (between 6 and 11 million Euros). In addition to this extraordinary ensemble, a selection of personal objects belonging to Henri Jayer will punctuate this afternoon of auction dedicated to the “God of Burgundies”.


All of the bottles and magnums offered in the sale “Henri Jayer, The Heritage – The ultimate sale from the private cellar of Domaine Henri Jayer” come directly from the cellar of Domaine Henri Jayer. These bottles were kept and stored by Henri Jayer in person, and listed in this cellar book over the years. Today the collection is the property of Henri Jayer’s two daughters who wish to sell it at auction. The wines have never been removed from the cellar until February 2018, when they were transported from Henry Jayer’s cellar to the Geneva FreePort under a sworn bailiff’s supervision.


The 1064 bottles and magnums in this auction are exceptionally well preserved. The colour of the wines is resplendent, and the levels are generally sublime for bottles of their age. The preservation of the wine is astonishing and, for those who will be patient enough, can be kept for an impressive length of time before being uncorked.


As is the tradition in Burgundy, Henri Jayer kept his wines “sur pile”, bottled and stacked in his cellar – without labels or capsules. In February 2018, in view of the sale and prior to the wines being escorted to Geneva, new labels and capsules were placed on all of the bottles by Henri Jayer’s daughters and Emmanuel Rouget. All capsules and labels are in excellent condition, regardless of the wines’ age.

Michael Ganne, Baghera/wines’ Executive Director: “No doubt, this auction will remain a historical event for all pinot noir enthusiasts. Henri Jayer had meticulously gathered these bottles in the Domaine’s cellar, taking great care of the selection of climats and vintages he stocked there, in the idea of tasting and sharing them. In keeping with this spirit of sharing, Henri Jayer’s daughters are offering these 1064 bottles for sale.”


1064 bottles and magnums, 855 bottles and 209 magnums, Vintages spanning from 1970 to 2001, Encompassing 8 climats, divided into 215 lots :

  • Lots 1 to 7 : Nuits-Saint-Georges
  • Lots 8 to 26 : Nuits-Saint-Georges « Les Meurgers»
  • Lots 27 to 52: Vosne-Romanée
  • Lots 53 to 72: Vosne-Romanée «Beaumonts »
  • Lots 73 to 87 : Vosne-Romanée «Les Brulées»
  • Lots 88 to 164 : Vosne-Romanée « Cros-Parantoux »
  • Lots 165 to 205: Échézeaux
  • Lots 206 to 215: Richebourg

The sale catalogue is available in digital version at the following address: issuu.com and on www.bagherawines.auction


Baghera/wines was established in Geneva in 2015 by passionate experts, who launched a specialized ofce exclusively dedicated to high-end wines. Michael Ganne and Julie Carpentier joined forces, offering a new approach to exceptional wine auctions, by placing cordiality and sharing at the very heart of the wine business.

Since their establishment at the end of 2015, Baghera/wines have become the leading Swiss fne wine auctioneer, achieving a turnover in excess of CHF 15 million. Alongside their auctions, the Baghera/wines team guides collectors in every dimension of highlighting a collection, focusing on tailor-made, one-to-one professional advice and excellency.

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