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Keeping Wine Fresh – Engineer Develops Simple Wine Preserver


CHICAGO, IL, March 7th, 2018 – A Purdue University graduate wants to make sure we enjoy every drop of our wine – waste free.

ArT Wine Preserver was founded by inert gas engineer Ryan Frederickson who developed the product to keep open bottles of wine fresh for 7 to 30 days.

The company hopes to help wine consumers and wine professionals prevent waste.

“When a tasting room or salesman serves wine, they have a lot of open bottles just sitting there spoiling. Up to 30 of these bottles can be open for sampling, so the cost of dumping adds up quickly,” Frederickson says.

This idea was echoed by one of his early customers, Bob Sage, who owns Plain Cellars, a winery in Washington state.

“If your tasting room is closed for 2-3 days,” said Sage. “(ArT Wine Preserver) can save you hundreds of dollars.”

Frederickson came up with the idea for ArT Wine Preserver after graduating from Purdue. At the time, he was living alone and exploring different styles of wine. However, he frequently had spoiled wine if he did not drink fast enough and wanted to make a change.

“I had already designed systems to prevent oxidation,” he says, “and realized that I could scale down existing preservation methods into something simple and effective.”

ArT Wine Preserver works by providing a patent pending dose of pure argon gas. Wine connoisseurs can preserve up to 50 bottles for only 15 USD.

“We took time testing to figure out how much argon you need to put in the bottle to create the protective layer,” Frederickson explains.

Wine drinkers spray a small amount of argon into a bottle of wine. Because the argon is heavier than oxygen, it forms a blanket over the wine to prevent oxidation. Argon is FDA evaluated, non-flammable inert gas. Similar inert gas technology is used in most wineries and in the food industry to prevent oxidation.

A video showing ArT Wine Preserver in use can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7RvGUcngy0

Frederickson says the goal for ArT Wine Preserver is to reduce the amount of wine poured down the drain. By his estimates, $1.5 B of wine is dumped in the United States every year.

About ArT Wine Preserver

ArT Wine Preserver keeps your wine fresh. Designed by an engineer from the argon industry, this product uses technology from the food & wine industry to prevent waste. The company hopes to create and inspire sustainable products.

To learn more, please visit: www.ArTWinePreservation.com

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