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Former Winemaker of Petrus Jean Claude Berrouet Introduces Premium Merlot Blend from Argentina


(JULY 2017) Vino Del Sol is pleased to introduce Tapiz Las Notas by winemaker Jean Claude Berrouet, an Argentine Merlot blend by the famed former winemaker of the prestigious Chateau Petrus in the Pomerol region of Bordeaux. Berrouet is renowned for his mastery of Merlot, and this bottling for Tapiz showcases the incredible potential for the grape in Mendoza.

Jean Claude Berrouet, who previously presided over 44 vintages at the revered Bordeaux winery Petrus, became heavily involved in Tapiz in 2012. Tapiz owner Patricia Ortiz seeks to produce wines with more elegance and finesse than many of her regional neighbors, and in pursuit of this goal, she saw Berrouet as the perfect partner. After sending samples to France, Berrouet was impressed by their quality and signed onto the project. He now works exclusively with Tapiz and Zolo in Argentina, and collaborates with his son and local winemaker Fabian Valenzuela year-round to oversee vineyard management and winemaking.

 With Las Notas de Jean Claude, Berrouet sought to create a wine that was the best expression of Tapiz’s estate Merlot vines. The final blend is of 91% Merlot, 3.5% Petit Verdot, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2.5% Cabernet Franc from the single estate San Pablo Single Vineyard located in the Uco Valley of Argentina.

The grapes for Las Notas were picked around 4,400 feet above sea level. The vineyard benefits from intense diurnal temperature variations and alpine wines that allow for slow ripening and acid retention. The combination of extreme sunshine and cold is especially good for Merlot because it allows the sugar to ripen without stunting the development of acids. The resulting wine has an intense palate with sweet and elegant tannins. The wine shows notes of red fruits, raspberries, cassis and truffles.

The label for Las Notas de Jean Claude features handwriting from Berrouet’s personal notebook. These notes document his research and vinification of this wine. Now the notes that sparked the creation of this wine are available for everyone to see on the front of each bottle.

“Jean Claude Berrouet is always in search of vineyard sites that express the full potential and spirit of Merlot. He believes that you must bring out the sensuality, velvety tannins, complexity and femininity of the varietal. We believe that our high-altitude plantings at San Pablo Single Vineyard do just that,” says Fabian Valenzuela, Winemaker at Tapiz.

Las Notas de Jean Claude is considered to be the pinnacle of the Vino del Sol portfolio and is one of Argentina’s few high-end Merlots. This fine wine retails for $99 and is available in select markets nationwide. For more information about Las Notas de Jean Claude, please contact [email protected]


Patricia Ortiz founded Tapiz 14 years ago after being in the medical field. Tapiz is located in Valle de Uco, Mendoza and wines are made entirely from sustainable estate vineyards. Residing close to the Andes at various altitudes, each of these vineyard terroirs benefits from intense diurnal temperature variations and alpine winds that allow for slow ripening and acid retention. Tapiz is one of the most technologically advanced wineries in Argentina and has gained fast U.S. distribution and quality recognition in the U.S. Patricia Ortiz attributes this growth to the incredible quality for value offered by each of her wines, and the consistency that they are able to maintain in each vintage.


Vino Del Sol launched its national wine import company around the magnificent Mendoza Zolo winery in 2004, and quickly thereafter established itself as “The Argentine Wine Specialist®” by becoming the first U.S. importer to develop a portfolio representing the best winery in each of Argentina’s distinctive terroirs. Vino Del Sol also markets exceptional wines and sakes from California, Chile, Japan, and New Zealand in all 50 states. Vino Del Sol works hand-in-hand with customers and wineries to develop client-exclusive brands that over-deliver on value for the consumer. Vino Del Sol’s wineries are all estate-grown, sustainably-farmed, and family-owned.

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