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The New Polyscan Analyzer Goes Further for Winemaking


Vinventions has released the latest version of the NomaSense PolyScan P200, the award-winning analyzer from its Wine Quality Solutions brand. Its new user interface makes phenolic content management even easier during winemaking.

Nîmes, France (July 6, 2017) — Two years after the launch of the first-generation PolyScan analyzer, a new version, the NomaSense PolyScan P200, is now available to the market. The new device has been completely redesigned for easier use and direct display of results.

“Direct access to the user interface and to the results on the analyzer’s touchscreen makes the use much easier, more intuitive and more suitable for cellar manipulation. The device is now completely portable and autonomous. Obtaining results in real time allows users to optimize their decisions and adapt their technical choices according to the musts and wines’ polyphenol content at different stages of winemaking,” explains Christine Pascal, Wine Research Manager at Vinventions.

The measurement technology, based on voltammetry, remains identical. Results are obtained in the form of indexes, EasyOx and PhenOx, indicating respectively the level of easily oxidizable polyphenols and total polyphenols of the must or wine analyzed. The indexes’ calculation was adapted according to the winemaking stage.

“Users can monitor the evolution of indexes during the winemaking process directly on the screen. The device also provides a percentage comparison with previous results and the minimum of the series,” says Pascal. “Moreover, thanks to the thousands of analyses performed in cellars or during experiments, reference values were determined for some of the applications and grape varieties. They are displayed in the new analyzer to better guide the user.”

The analyzer works with the latest generation of electrodes, introduced to the market in August 2016, which are easier to handle and ensure highly repeatable results.

To secure data, recordings are automatically downloaded to a web interface via Wi-Fi. “Each customer can save their data, view the history of the measurements and extract data for further processing,” explains Pascal.

New applications are under development. “Calculation of the tannins/anthocyanins ratio during red wines winemaking is currently being finalized and will soon be available to facilitate decisions related to racking or to optimize wine ageing choices,” adds Stéphane Vidal, Vice-President of Wine Quality Solutions for Vinventions.

To learn more on the new NomaSense PolyScan P200 analyzer, please contact the Wine Quality Solutions team: [email protected].


In September 2014, Nomacorc, world renowned as an expert in oxygen management, launched Wine Quality Solutions (WQS), an offer of analyzers, equipment and services developed by its Enology Team. In January 2015, WQS became one of the seven brands of Vinventions. Years of research on wine oxygen management conducted in collaboration with academic institutions around the world—as well as the introduction of NomaSense O2 P300 & P6000 in 2009, the reference TPO meter and oxygen analyzer in the wine industry—enabled WQS to acquire a solid expertise in gas management during the winemaking process, bottling, and post-bottling storage. This expertise has been extended to manage other key parameters of wine quality such as color, polyphenols and carbon dioxide. The WQS offer allows in fine resolving in real time the main technical challenges to obtain better quality wines. WQS provides winemakers with decision support tools and customized services to achieve the desired wine style and ensure lasting success. www.winequalitysolutions.com


Vinventions was created by family entrepreneur Marc Noël with Bespoke Capital Partners, Heino Freudenberg and additional partners. Vinventions’ goal is to become the most innovative and trusted global supplier of wine closure solutions to the still and sparkling wine industries. In January 2015, Vinventions acquired Nomacorc, the leading global supplier of premium plant-based closures to the wine industry. In July 2015, Ohlinger Group joined Vinventions, and in November 2015, Vinventions completed a distribution agreement with Vinolok/Vinoseal, adding high-performance glass closures to its growing range of wine closure solutions. Today, Vinventions has over 550 employees globally and operates six production sites in USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Argentina, and China. Vinventions protects every eighth wine bottle worldwide with its closures. The leadership values of Vinventions center on customer dedication, innovation, operational excellence, open teamwork, local entrepreneurship, and long-term responsibility. www.vinventions.com

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