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10th Annual Summer Wine School in Philadelphia

Alana Zerbe

(Philadelphia) This August, the Wine School of Philadelphia is hosting it’s 10th annual Summer Wine School. It’s the only course of its type offered in the United States: a one week accelerated course that ends with a level three sommelier certification.

Summer School is a fun and engaging program, but it’s based on cutting-edge research. The proof is in the pudding. By the end of the week, students will be a better wine tasters than 75% of all sommeliers. If not, they can retake the entire program for free.

Students will be fully immersed in wine education: tasting wines, discussing flavors, and learning to develop their palates in a science-backed program.The lead instructor of Summer Wine School is Alana Zerbe, the school’s Director of Wine Education.

Bottom Line: Summer School is an accelerated version of the school’s Core Wine Course, which ordinarily lasts a full eight-week semester. The program runs for six evenings in August. 

When: August 7th to 12th, from 5pm to 9:30pm
Where: Wine School of Philadelphia, 109 S. 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Who: Alana Zerbe, Director of Wine Education
Link: https://www.vinology.com/summer-wine-school/
Contact: https://www.vinology.com/wine-knowledge
Cost: $548.98 and up.

About the Wine School

The Wine School of Philadelphia was founded in 2001. It offers sommelier certification via the National Wine School in Los Angeles.

About Alana Zerbe

Alana Zerbe is a sommelier-instructor with a decade of experience in the wine trade.  She is the Director of Wine Education at the Wine School of Philadelphia.
She had a promising legal career in our nation’s capitol. However, her priorities changed drastically —that’s what surviving cancer with do— and she pivoted into wine education.
She started at a winery in Virginia, earned her Sommelier accreditation in New York, and eventually moved to Philadelphia. Alana has worked for the Wine School since 2010, and has been the Director of Education since 2015.

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