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ACHWorks Announces the Release of ACHWine


ACHWine is a program; debuted by ACHWorks, that combines the low cost and efficiency of ACH Payments with integrated age verification allowing the wine industry to sell the way younger generations want to buy, all while reducing costs, and satisfying compliance requirements.

Wineries have had a long – standing relationship with credit cards and merchant services companies. For many years, the Baby Boomer buyer has relied on credit cards to make their discretionary purchases and winery and Wine Club purchases have been the beneficiary of this activity.

Then, the wine market opened up to the newer generations. Boomers are no longer the only OR the biggest game in town. Gen X and the Millennials came of age and started buying wine. So much so that now the buyers in the Millennial age bracket buy more wine than the Baby Boomer does. And they are likely to spend more on a bottle of wine than their baby boomer counterparts. The new buyer is here!!

These buyers want more options. They want a more convenient and less costly way to buy their wine. They respond extremely well to relationally driven loyalty programs. They are not using their credit cards to make purchases except when they have to because other options are not available.

The TD Bank Consumer Spending Index released in May 2016 found millennials overall charge 22 percent less than the average consumer. “Millennials prefer to use cash or debit for discretionary purchases, and choose not to leverage a credit card as a payment option,” says Julie Pukas, TD Bank’s U.S. bank card and merchant solutions.

The Millennial buyer wants to debit because they want more control over their spending. This is shown in the Silicon Valley Bank survey that shows that 50.4% of the Millennials buyers check their bank account at least once per day. EVERY DAY!

So, strategically savvy wineries have joined with a payment ally who is striving to lower the costs of processing while increasing profits for the winery by giving a payment channel built for relational purchases. ACHWorks an ACH processor in Northern California has developed this exciting service bringing the younger buyer and wineries together.

ACHWorks – the payments ally for the Wine Industry has once again created a new win- win-win for wineries and their loyal customers.

By offering an additional payment method we use all the time in our personal finances for Insurance payments, gym memberships, donations, payroll, bill pay, taxes, etc.

Wineries can achieve the following:

  • Keep more Wine Club members longer – Today, your wine buyers want more payment options
  • Gain more profit by reducing your costs in payment processing, this is a staggering number once you see it
  • End the credit card restrictions of only adding Wine Club members if they have a credit card
  • Significantly reduce the number of expired card calls you and your staff make. For most of your team, this is reason enough to add this option
  • Dramatically reduce to the number of declines on each shipment, thereby removing the logistical nightmare associated with bringing all that wine back to the winery

ACHWorks really are payments allies – working with you they will discover with you what are the best payment channel(s) for you

  • ACH PROCESSING – you will wonder why you haven’t added this sooner, again the numbers are staggering
  • Credit Cards at fabulous rates – yes we do these too, and we will rate match, give them a shot
  • Verification of age, and address – comply with State regulations, more and more states require this

Dozens of wineries have already committed to using this method. To find out how you can take advantage of this, contact

ACHWorks is offering a webinar on February 24th so you can learn more about this.

Make Your Wine Clubs More Profitable:

On March 24, 2017 at 10:00AM PST join us for a lively discussion on maintaining and increasing profitability in the DtC sales channel

Click here to sign up for the webinar Or contact their National Sales Manager to learn more immediately!

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