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Agricultural Based Non-Profit Partners with Local Award Winning Filmmaker to Present NEW 13 Part Documentary Series Highlighting the Maryland’s Craft Food and Beverage Industries


Digital Cave Media and Grow Maryland to Present MarylandMade In Fall 2017

Digital Cave MediaSeptember 26, 2016- Grow Maryland, a new non-profit organization being formed that will support and promote Maryland value-added agricultural producers, agritourism operations and small food businesses, announced its partnership with Digital Cave Media, the Emmy award-winning creative team behind the Brewmore Baltimore documentary.  Together they are joining forces to produce a 13-part documentary series, titled MarylandMade, exploring the local craft culture through compelling stories of the people, towns and businesses that make up the industry.  From urban to rural and from the mountains to the seashore, MarylandMade will visit places such as breweries, wineries and distilleries as well as farms and businesses that employ value-added agriculture and food entrepreneurship. (Value-added agriculture takes a raw commodity and modifies or alters it to add economic values…think grapes to wine, hops to beer, milk to cheese or cucumbers to pickles.) Digital Cave Media has set Fall 2017 as its target release date. Maryland Public Television has expressed interest in broadcasting the series. Maryland Public Television previously worked with Digital Cave Media to broadcast Brewmore Baltimore in July 2015.

“This is an exciting opportunity to showcase all the great things Maryland has to offer and to highlight the agricultural assets we are afforded in our very small, yet diverse state.  We think viewers will be surprised when they learn about how entrepreneurs, farmers and producers are literally helping to shape and grow our economy in truly unique ways, like when grape growers make delicious wine or when vegetable farmers make amazing pickles,” said Kelly Dudeck, Grow Maryland Manager.

Each episode will highlight a specific Maryland theme and will then introduce viewers to entrepreneurs who have captured the heart, soul and palate of Marylanders and who have made choices, and sometimes sacrifices, to run, grow and expand their businesses in order to make a living.  Each episode will also explore local history, showcase beautiful scenery and take viewers behind the scenes to see how things are made.  So whether it’s learning about growing and harvesting hops to make beer or meeting a local farmer who uses his crops to make new products, there will be something for everyone.

“This is a great opportunity to discover craft products and small businesses that are uniquely Maryland made and inspired.” said Nick Kovacic from Digital Cave Media.

Located in Baltimore, Digital Cave Studios is the creative team behind the Emmy award-winning documentary Brewmore Baltimore, and the forthcoming documentary “decanted” about the art and philosophy of winemaking in Napa Valley, California.  Digital Cave produces original content and provides post production services for feature films, commercials, and documentary for over 10 years.

Maryland Public Television has expressed interest in broadcasting the series and promoting it to local viewers and residents.

“MPT is proud to support independent producers and bring quality content with a local focus to our audience. We are particularly enthusiastic about MarylandMade because, much like our hit series Maryland Farm & Harvest, it highlights the richness, diversity, and importance of Maryland’s number one industry: agriculture.  We are confident that this series will be unique and enlightening and look forward to watching this project develop,” said Lauren Stevens, Program Acquisitions & Producer Relations for Maryland Public Television.

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