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The First Wireless EMV Secured Solution in the Wine Industry


VinNOWSeptember 12, 2016 – Windsor, CA – Pleased to be the first in the industry to provide EMV wireless to wineries, VinNOW continues to lead the industry by providing high levels of security and service to wineries in their tasting rooms and wine club management.

The deadline for merchants to upgrade to EMV is January 1, 2017 and some software providers won’t be ready or will be charging additional fees for upgrades. This is not the case with VinNOW. Being ready to support the increase in sales and fraud during the holiday season was important to us and we make getting started with VinNOW and the EMV quick, easy and affordable. We ask, Are you Putting Yourself at Risk or Are You Ready for EMV?

“The investment and effort to earn the EMV TSYS certification was great and we know it was worth every penny we invested to get certified. We feel our wineries need to protect their business from security hacks and critical damage such breaches can bring to a winery. Additionally, we know that our customers see that we value their information and we work to protect our clients and their customers” said Ted Starr, Founder and Owner of VinNOW and Milano Family Winery.

Beyond the standard EMV, VinNOW offers wireless EMV service meaning the payment terminals are no longer limited by the length of their cables, because they are wireless!

Why Change: Businesses using magnetic strip terminals make themselves larger targets for theft. And customers have the EMV secured cards and want to use it

Wineries fear the cost of securing and upgrading to EMV terminals for Cash register/Point of Sales (POS) systems may be cost prohibitive however VinNOW continues to offer basic service for as little as $120.00 per month and a small set up fee.

In 2015 the wine industry saw the first company go out of business due to wineries not stepping up to security standards and opportunities. This is the time to step up as there are options available for all sizes of wineries.

About VinNOW

VinNOW is a leading provider of tasting room sales and wine club management and reporting solution for over 17 years. Recognized for superior customer support, VinNOW’s clients are long time loyal and successful wineries of all sizes. Selling points include the affordability, ease of training tasting room staff to maximize selling opportunities and provide excellent service to tasting room visitors, wine club management made easy for shipping and pick up members, and the exclusive detailed communication with QuickBooks. They also provide free, unlimited support and training. www.VinNOW.com

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