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A Good Place to Retire From: Jeremy Schulze Leaves Mavrik for Semi-Retirement


Mavrik North AmericaSanta Rosa, CA (July 29, 2016). Mavrik’s very first employee says goodbye to the life of the working stiff. Jeremy is moving to the East coast where living is cheap. In fact, he bought the farm, er, bought a farm.

Jeremy, Mavrik’s first employee nearly ten years ago, is also the first to retire from Mavrik. “Perhaps we paid him too well?” wondered Mavrik’s President, Bob Kreisher.

Jeremy’s long tenure however doesn’t come as a surprise. The majority of people who’ve worked for Mavrik still do, with 8-9 year tenures not being uncommon. In addition to supervising and training all of Mavrik’s service crews, Jeremy’s responsibilities included machine maintenance, repair, and controls. Customers need not fear a gap in service: Jeremy trained his replacement, Roberto Aguilar, for a year as he carefully planned his escape. “Maybe I will be able to retire in 9 years myself, or even sooner,” said Roberto.

Jeremy doesn’t plan a sedentary (semi)retirement. In addition to a consulting and
advisory role to Mavrik, Jeremy plans to farm and work in the brewery of a friend
as the CTO (Chief Tasting Officer).


Founded in 2006, Mavrik is a family-owned and operated company, based in Santa Rosa, CA.

Mavrik’s research & development efforts have led to original technologies and equipment for purchase, rental, or as a service, some of which are patent pending:

  • Alcohol reduction
  • Volatile acidity and ethyl acetate removal
  • Pyrazine removal
  • 4ep/4eg removal
  • Smoke taint removal
  • Tartrate stability
  • Sulfide removal
  • Sulfite removal
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