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Distell USA Launches First South African Single-Grain Whisky In Select U.S. Markets


Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky Offers American Consumers Taste of South African Craftsmanship from Award-Winning Master Distiller Andy Watts

DistellNew York, NY, October 28, 2015 Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, South Africa’s first and only 100 percent single-grain whisky, is now launching in target markets throughout the Northeast including New York and Massachusetts, and expanding its distribution base in much of the Midwest. The launch follows a successful trial listing of Bain’s in select accounts in the Midwest this past July. A multiple-award winning product of Distell Group Limited, South Africa’s leading producer and marketer of wines, spirits, ciders and RTDs, Bain’s is produced by renowned Master Distiller Andy Watts at the historic James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington, South Africa. Bain’s will be available for retail at SRP $29.99.

Bain’s is crafted from 100 percent South African Yellow Maize, together with naturally pure Cape Mountain water that flows over 850-million year-old sandstone.  Named “World’s Best Grain Whisky” at the 2013 World Whiskies Awards, Bain’s is distinguished by a unique double maturation process, first stored in specially selected first-fill bourbon casks for three years before being transferred to a second set of casks for an additional 18 to 30 months. The result is a distinctive nose of floral, banana, honey and toffee aromas, and a balanced, slightly spicy flavor softened by the sweet undertones of oak often enjoyed by discerning American palates.

“Through our initial rollout, the response to Bain’s has been overwhelmingly positive from both critics and consumers alike,” said Cary Kurz, President of Distell USA. “Now we’re looking forward to sharing this exquisite example of South African craftsmanship with others throughout the country.” The launch of Bain’s further establishes Distell as the leader in bringing South Africa’s highest quality, most authentic wines and spirits to the U.S. market.

The emergence of Bain’s in the U.S. marks another career milestone for Master Distiller Andy Watts, who in 1991 became only the sixth manager of the James Sedgwick Distillery since its establishment in 1886. Watts has been instrumental in the distillery’s many achievements and has established many firsts for South African whisky, including the first single malt produced in South Africa (as part of the Three Ships label), the first blend of South African and Scotch whiskies, a 100 percent locally blended whisky and now, the first single-grain whisky. Watts will visit the New York metropolitan area the week of November 16 in support of the U.S. launch.

“We’re incredibly proud of the numerous gold and double gold awards Bain’s has won over the past few years, and we’re confident that Bain’s will continue to enjoy success among American audiences,” said Watts. “I’m looking forward to meeting and tasting with American whisky lovers in the coming weeks.”

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