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Vineyards at Pleasant Valley, Reno, NV


Vineyards Pleasant ValleyResponding to the recent change in the Nevada law allowing “for sale” tasting rooms in Clark (Las Vegas) and Washoe (Reno) counties Salmon Point Development is starting a new 30 Acre Vineyard Estate project 10 miles south of the Reno Airport in Pleasant Valley. The Vineyard Estates will feature 7, 3 and 5 acre parcels planted with approximately 1 acre of vineyard on each parcel, starting at $230,000. The vineyards will be maintained by a professional vineyard manager, and the home owners charged a nominal sum for maintenance augmented by the sale of the grapes to local wineries. Ron Bath, President of Salmon Point Development states “This is the first development of its kind in the Northern Nevada region. We are hoping that it sparks the wine industry development in this region as now there are only 4 commercial wineries in all of Nevada while all the states surrounding have a growing vineyard and wine industry. We have some good data on what grapes will grow well here as we have worked with the University of Nevada, who has a 4 acre experimental vineyard, and with Nevada Vines and Wines members who have over 20,000 vines planted in backyard vineyards”

For more information on this property go to www.vineyardatpv.com or contact Ron at 775-303-3789



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