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Pop Culture Icon and Award Winning Actress Natalie Oliveros to Promote New Travel and Wine Show at Cannes!


Star Turned Enterprising Wine Maker Has Partnered With Appelbaum Productions to Create the New Travel and Wine Show ‘Lady In Red’

Natalie OliverosNEW YORK, NY – Natalie Oliveros and independent production company Appelbaum announced today that the actress and entrepreneur turned successful winemaker will be on-site at the MIPTV Festival at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France April 13th – 16th to promote the pilot of her new wine and travel show with the working title ‘Lady In Red’.  A private viewing of the pilot will be held for select media and potential partners in New York City on May second.

A full schedule is ahead for Natalie and creative Director Jan Kooyman at MIPTV, the world’s most-established TV and digital content market.  As the host of the game changing new show, Natalie Oliveros is excited to share the concept that is aimed at enlightening the masses about wine, wine-making, and the stunning regions of the world that serve as the backdrop of this intriguing industry.

“’Lady In Red’ will take viewers on an intimate journey with me to explore the passion, love, history and the heart of the terroir in which these fabulous wines are Harvested, grown, developed,” said Oliveros.  “I couldn’t be happier to partner with Appelbaum Productions to share this unique experience with the world.”

Her success in the wine industry and being an established celebrity with a huge fan base make Natalie the perfect fit to serve as the host and face of a show that is sure to stir up excitement.  After a successful career in entertainment, Oliveros approached noted wine creator Roberto Cipresso in 2004 to make her first wine, Sogno Uno, or Dream One.  The ’04 vintage of 70 % cesanese, 20% Sangiovese and 10% Montalpuciano garnered a 91 rating from renowned wine critic Robert Parker, cementing her place among the elite in the wine making world.  Oliveros continued her success with the creation of Songo Duo, and Sogno Tre, leading to further collaboration with Cipresso on the wine line La Fiorita of which she is the majority owner.

‘Lady in Red’ will be a travel show about wine following Natalie as she travels the world and explores the ins and outs of some of the greatest wine areas and the wines they produce from full bodied reds to the sparkling sensation of Champagne.  In March a pilot was shot in Tuscany, featuring the wine estate of Salvatore Ferragamo, a visit to Florence and a grand tasting of the 100 finest  Italian wines in Verona.

“We knew Natalie would be great for hosting an international travel show about wine,” stated creative director Jan Kooyman.  “Her background in entertainment, an enormous global fan base, and of course her expertise in wine combine to make her the embodiment of the show we are looking to produce – an unpretentious, warm, knowledgeable gateway for viewers to experience and learn about great wine and the regions they come from.”

About Natalie Oliveros

Under the Pseudonym Savanna Samson, Natalie Oliveros has been showered with countless awards, more than 10 Oscar equivalents, and the admiration of millions across the world.  Since then she has redefined herself as a successful wine maker and vineyard owner.  Over the years she has had the privilege of visiting countless vineyards across Europe and elsewhere and has met with many of the world’s most renowned winemakers and viticulturists. She can vex lyrical on any type of grape, terroir, blend and vintage.  In 2006 she launched her very first wine, Sogno Uno 2004. A carefully and disciplined blend of Cesenese, Sangiovese and Montalputiano from Tuscany and the Lazzio region of Italy that garnered a rating of 91 points from world renowned wine critic Robert Parker.  This was followed by a 2005 Falanghina, Sogno Due, from the Campania region in Italy and then Sogno Tre 2005.  Her most recent ventures include becoming the majority owner of La Fiorita wines as she continues to expand her wine making empire.

About Appelbaum

Appelbaum is an Amsterdam based production company that specializes in docustyle programs about nature, culture, (inter)national affairs and politics. The company aims to combine craftmanship with critical views and creativity. It was founded in 2008 by CEO Roland Duong who is director, chief editor and author of numerous tv-shows, documentary-series and books. Recently creative director Jan Kooyman joined the company adding new formats and a broad international network.

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