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Emilia Wines Hit the U.S. Market

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Solaro Estate Winery

Solaro Estate Winery Austin was the venue for one of the most exclusive formal tastings of Italian wines, to take place in America, in at least the last decade.  The Solaro family presented rare, limited production wines of the Quattro Valli region in Emilia Romagna to thirty private wine collectors.  The event was the culmination of a five year effort by the Solaro Group to make the wines available in the U.S. market.  Solaro’s guests included aficionados from international business circles, familiar with the wines of the Trebbia, Nure, D’Arda and Tidone valleys.

These wines have been requested in their favorite top restaurants for years.  The six labels presented by the Solaro Group represent the regions’ finest wines in the world market today, proving that there is no substitution for controlled vineyard yield, refined wine making techniques, and history.  The luxurious event was the premiere tasting of the collection of the wines to be released in the United States in early 2015.

There are 3 more tastings slated for the Southwest which will be attended by wine directors from the U.S. top 100 list.  “The premier tasting event has received only the very finest reviews by attendees and private case orders are staggering”.  The wines for the tasting event were couriered overnight from the winery in Italy in time for the event. “Considering that these wines are some of the highest quality wines to be offered in the United States, I am pleased, but not surprised, at the accolades the wines have received,” says Solaro’s Wine Ambassador, Daniel Dillon.”

  • Avalara
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