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CK Mondavi Wines Becomes 1st Wine to be Made in USA Certified®


CK Mondavi passes a rigorous 3rd party certification and all CK Mondavi wines are verified as 100% American-grown and made

CK MondaviNapa, CA, August 18, 2014 — CK Mondavi Family Vineyards announced today that their wines are the first-ever to be Made in USA Certified®. Certified Inc. is the nation’s leading third-party independent certification source for USA country of origin claims. To be certified, products must go through a supply chain audit process where the company’s supply chain is verified and certified as authentically made in America. CK Mondavi wines, which are 100% American grown and made, now have the official certification to give consumers the confidence to know that they are purchasing a product from a fourth generation American family that wholeheartedly supports American farmers.

“Most people may not realize that many of the wines sold by U.S. wineries don’t exclusively use American-grown grapes,” said Marc Mondavi, Proprietor of CK Mondavi Family Vineyards. “Consumers can be 100% sure that when you buy a bottle of CK Mondavi wines every single grape was grown in America. It’s something that my family has been doing for four generations and we are proud to be committed to our American made legacy.”

Until now, dozens of products have been Made in USA Certified including skin care products, spirits, home goods, building products and more. However, CK Mondavi wines are the first wines to go through this thorough certification process. The wines are sold at stores nationwide for $6.99 (for a 750ml bottle and also available in 1.5L bottles).

Certified Inc. offers the distinctive ‘Made in USA Certification Mark’ to businesses that proudly certify they meet the accreditation standards in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s Enforcement Policy Statement for U.S.-Origin Claims. This Labor Day marks the fifth anniversary of the Made In USA brand.

“CK Mondavi has always been a vanguard in their industry, providing quality products to the savvy and sophisticated consumer,” said Adam Reiser, CEO and Co-Founder, Certified Inc. “We understand that it has become increasingly important for the consumer to know where their products of consumption are produced. By employing the Made in USA Certified seal, CK Mondavi customers can now purchase wine with the confidence that CK Mondavi is committed to a level of excellence that they expect.”

CK Mondavi produces the following Made in USA Certified wines:

  •            CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon
  •            CK Mondavi Chardonnay
  •            CK Mondavi Merlot
  •            CK Mondavi Moscato
  •            CK Mondavi Pinot Grigio
  •            CK Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc
  •            CK Mondavi Blonde Five White Blend
  •            CK Mondavi Scarlet Five Red Blend
  •            CK Mondavi White Zinfandel
  •            CK Mondavi Zinfandel

About The Made In USA Certification

Made in USA Certified® is the nation’s leading third party independent certification source for USA Country of Origin claims. Companies interested in securing the Made In USA certification are encouraged to log on to MadeInUSA.net.

About CK Mondavi Family Vineyards

CK Mondavi wines are produced in the Napa Valley by the iconic C. Mondavi & Family. 100% American grown and bottled, the CK Mondavi portfolio consists of the most popular varieties of wines that are handcrafted under the close stewardship of the Peter Mondavi Sr. family. A large portion of the grapes are grown on the family’s 1,850 acres of vineyards, or are sourced from vineyards that the family has had partnerships with for generations. CK Mondavi wines are consistent, vintage-to-vintage, providing consumers with a value and quality they can trust.  They can be found online at CKMondavi.com, or on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest @CKMondaviWines.

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  1. To be designated as a “California” wine, 100% of the grapes used in the wine must be grown in that state. Check out the California Regulations. Ditto for Oregon and Washington. This is reminiscent of the “divide and conquer” strategy our politicians are using to balkanize our electorate. I don’t see how this does our industry any good and CK should be ashamed of themselves.


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