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C&E Capsules is Going Global!


enoplastic USAAs a division of Enoplastic Group, the largest capsule manufacturer in the world since 1957, local capsule supplier C& E Capsules has officially changed its name to ENOPLASTIC USA.

The northern California capsule manufacturer will continue to produce capsules in its Fairfield, California facility just outside of San Francisco. Enoplastic USA serves the Gourmet food and Beverage (Wine, Spirits, Beer, Sparkling) industries. Enoplastic Group also has manufacturing facilities in Spain, New Zealand and Varese, Italy where they are headquartered.

Enoplastic was founded in 1957 by Mr. Francesco Piero Macchi who had a passion for winemaking as well as mechanical engineering. The lack of available closures for his wine in those early years provided the foundation for a focused and passionate company that has expanded and grown into the largest capsule manufacturing facility in the world.

The Macchi Family joined forces with the Moglia family in 2001 to create a  partnership which has allowed Enoplastic to expand their resources around the world and pass along their talents to the next generation. Today Enoplastic continues to be a leader in innovation in capsule manufacturing, always looking for new ways to enhance brands as well as reduce cost and provide economic advantage to its clients, so they may be cost competitive in their own markets around the globe.

For more information about Enoplastic, visit their website at www.enoplastic.com or contact Debbie Jennings @ [email protected] or 707.207.7904 ext 307.

Enoplastic USA
2487 Courage Drive, #5
Fairfield, CA  94533
Fax 707-425-3586

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