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Afternoon Brief, Oct. 23

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The Science of Selling Wine
When it comes to the best-selling wines, one might expect those with the best aromas or those that are the oldest will sell quickly. However, studies led by Prof. Miguel Gomez, applied economics and management, have shown that aromas and years are not the only aspects that drive consumerism of wine…

Today’s News

Reds Overtake Whites in Popularity Stakes
The popularity of red wine has been on the rise in recent years and figures gathered from Wine-Searcher’s database show the change is incontrovertible: 81 percent of all U.S. searches on the website are for red wines, while only 19 percent are for whites…

Growing a Wine Destination in South Dakota
We buzzed past fields of corn and soybeans, down slippery dirt roads and around the occasional tractor. At times, my wife and I heard cattle groan and whiffed the acidic scent of manure amid a landscape dotted with peeling, wooden barns and silvery silos…

Treasury Wine toasts America for the long haul
Just how does one of the worlds largest winemakers get rid of excess inventory of old bottles? In the case of Treasury Wine Estates, which is facing a massive oversupply of aged and outdated stock in the Americas that prompted a $154.3 million writedown, they employ third-party destruction agents to pour the wine down the drain…

Climate change boosts wine production in Vermont

The World’s Vintners Will Soon Struggle To Quench China’s Rapidly Growing Thirst For Wine

Nuking Your Pinot Noir

Napa: Could 2013 Surpass Last Year’s “Near-Perfect” Vintage?

Chinese Court Freezes Castel Asset in China

Bogle Continues Long-Term Climb, Projecting Double-Digit Growth For 2013

Supplier News

Rack & Riddle to expand to Healdsburg

Verallia Bottles Win 2013 Glass Packaging Institute Clear Choice Awards

Vicard’s Newest Generation Launches High Tech Cooperage Espirit de Dryades

AgroThermal Systems Announces Cab Franc Results from Trials Conducted at Mission Estate in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Silicon Valley Bank: Annual Wine Conditions Survey

High Quality Wine Label Producer Vintage 99 Label Announces Expansion to Sonoma County

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