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Wine Industry Sales Symposium

The Wine Industry Sales Symposium is an educational virtual conference focused on new information and innovation in both the wholesale and direct-to-consumer sales channels....

Using a Wine’s Story to Sell on Premise

We all have an inert desire to connect. Nowadays, those needs are being met less frequently in an instant gratification and expendable consumer market. Luckily, wine is one of the industries that still allows consumers to intimately connect with the product.

Creating Connected Customers

It’s interesting that businesses want customers to be more connected with them, though many businesses are afraid to give the customers what they want,...

Wine Aroma: A Missed Opportunity?

The Nose Knows with Wine I once heard a sports car aficionado guy say-if a car looks sleek today it will probably be impressive forever....

Overcoming Objections to the Price of Your Products, Part 2

As I mentioned last week, I downloaded an informational guide with information on overcoming sales objections from Resourceful Selling. This week is part two...

Overcoming Objections to the Price of Your Products

I downloaded a handy informational guide of overcoming sales objections from Resourceful Selling, which I am going to share you over the next couple...

New Wine Shopper Data Solution Helps Wineries Achieve Distribution Success

Label Analytics has a new unique tool for wineries already in the wholesale market, or those just jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to distribution. Many wineries find it difficult to break into the three–tier system and gain any traction when a preponderance of the wines on the shelf are owned by large operations.

Afternoon Brief, December 5

Wine M&A pace may slow in 2015: After a relatively active string of sales of California vineyard, winery and brands in the past few years, the thirst for new deals likely will subside in the new year, thanks to back-to-back bumper crops and increasingly attractive alternatives in the Pacific Northwest...
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