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Terroir Is Truth: The Timeless Tutelage of Tchelistcheff (OpEd)

A writer remembers words of wisdom from a true winemaking legend. By Randy Caparoso   The late André Tchelistcheff, Beaulieu Vineyards' winemaker from 1938 to 1968, was...

Op Ed: We Need to Talk About Wine in an Intelligent...

How can we end the dumbing down of wine conversations? By Randy Caparoso   Before you go jumping to conclusions about the nature of my incendiary question,...

Op Ed: Have Alternative Style Wines Become Tiresome?

Today's cutting-edge wines are more terroir-expressive than the usual commercial styles. What I don't get, though, is how formulaic it's all become.  By Randy Caparoso I...

In Defense of Terroir

—Randy Caparoso Does wine-related terroir exist anymore? This is a valid question, even if a silly one. Of course, terroir exists. If it doesn’t, entire belief...

Progress of Terroir-Focused Lodi Wines

Terroir is a French term that entails the natural environmental factors, such as climate, soil, topography, aspect, elevation, latitude, etc., that have a direct...

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2019: Washington’s Terroir Scientist and Explorer

“I was once like the Indiana Jones of Himalayan geology,” said Kevin Pogue PhD. He explains the cultural, political and topographical setting of his research sites in northwestern Pakistan would have made the famous fictional explorer feel right at home. World changes caused this Washington based geologist to turn his attentions from ancient lands across the globe to those under the vines. The vineyards of the Pacific Northwest have never been the same.

Afternoon Brief, October 30

Napa Vineyard Worker Dies After Getting Pulled into Grape-Picking Machine: A worker was killed Monday afternoon at a Napa vineyard after getting stuck in a grape harvesting machine. The Napa man was working near the machine at Deconinck Vineyards when his clothing caught in it, pulling him in and killing him...

First Bio-Map of Wine Regions Enhance Understanding of Unique and Genuine...

There is some kismet in that the co-founders of the San Francisco biotech company, which has done groundbreaking work in identifying the microbiome fingerprint of vineyard soil are part of families that have deep roots in wine.

The Magic Behind Napa’s Mountain Grown Wines

When one brings up the concept of terroir—a French wine term used to describe a wine's "sense of place"—you realize the importance that extraordinary vineyard soils have on producing truly exceptional wines.

Afternoon Brief, February 17

Strong Competition in Wine Sales Will Increase: The 2017 Wine Business Monthly rankings are out, and the results highlight what everyone in the wine business already knows: The competition in the world of wine sales is staggering...

Bakery Succeeds with Wine Industry Marketing Strategy

La Brea Bakery takes a page out of the wine industry’s playbook with their new La Brea Bakery Reserve line of farm designated breads...

Dr. Mark Matthews Discusses Winegrape Quality Paradigms at Healdsburg SHED

Winegrape Quality Paradigms: Observation and Explanation was the topic of Thursdaynight’s Luminarias talk, sponsored at SHED, Healdsburg, by the Healdsburg Literary Guild. The speaker was Professor Mark Matthews of UC Davis, who has written the idea-challenging book, “Terroir and Other Myths of Winegrowing”. Dr. Matthews is an environmental plant biologist in the UC-Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and has done extensive research concerning the traditions of grape-growing.

Eastern Winemakers See Potential for Premium Terroir Driven Hybrid Wines

On the west coast, hybrid grapes may hardly make a din in winemaking conversations, being chiefly used in the production of table wines and eating grapes. However, on the east coast where winemaking is an entirely different reality, hybrid grapes represent much more to many of its winemakers up and down the country’s eastern reaches.

Afternoon Brief, May 1

Jackson Family Wines Collaborates with Tesla Energy to Pilot Stationary Energy Storage Systems Today Jackson Family Wines announced it has installed one of the first large-scale Tesla stationary energy storage systems across a number of its wineries...

Afternoon Brief, March 26

Napa murder-suicide leaves fate of winery, lawsuits in question: Dahl Vineyards is being evicted from its Yountville home, a week after proprietor Robert Dahl shot an investor to death with a silencer-equipped handgun on the grounds and later killed himself as police closed in after a brief car chase...