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Counterfeiting Is a Lingering Stain on the Wine Industry

—Melanie Young Counterfeit wines and spirits cost the global industry $3.18 billion in direct sales, and the impact can be felt at many levels. A...

Wine Industry Needs to Ramp Up Recruitment in Competitive Job Market

HR experts discuss key techniques to recruiting and maintaining a strong wine business team. —Melanie Young Building a strong workforce is essential for many industries, including...

Wine Industry Advisor’s Top Articles of 2021

In 2021, Wine Industry Advisor increased its focus on creating original editorial content. We've enhanced our list of contributors to include some of the...

As Restaurants Reopen, Sommeliers Re-Envision Wine Lists

What producers need to know to get their wines into the hospitality sector. —Melanie Young Restaurants closed throughout much of 2020 when the novel coronavirus caused...

Consumers’ Thirst for Wine Fuels the Storage and Cellaring Business

Increase in wine purchases means increase demands for wine storage solutions. —Melanie Young The wine storage business experienced a measurable uptick during the pandemic-induced, wine-buying boom....
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