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DTC Shipping Report Cover art

The Next Normal—DtC Shipping Reverts to Pre-Pandemic Predictions

—Alexandra Russell The 2022 Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report has been released, and the industry is likely breathing a collective sigh of relief. The...

Turning Holiday Gift Memberships into Loyal Club Members

How to gather and leverage consumer data during the wine gift-giving season. —Chris Towt, co-founder and chief executive officer of VineSpring Club memberships are an...

Business Strategy Behind The Wine Group’s Partnership With MPL Brands NV

Hard seltzer's growth has slowed, and you’re a wine company trying to reach younger consumers—what do you do? —Jeff Siegel If you’re The Wine Group, you...

Is It Time to Kick the (Wine) Can?

Canned wine seems to have plateaued in the U.S., despite many opportunities for growth —Jeff Seigel What does it say about canned wine’s future that one...

Wine’s ‘Gender-Split’

Expert analysts not convinced by recent poll concluding a massive wine consumer gender gap —Jeff Siegel There has always been a sense that women buy more...

WIN’s packXplore Conference Studies Consumer Acceptance of Nontraditional Wine Packaging

—Alexandra Russell Wine Industry Network continues to keep the industry informed despite continuing challenges with in-person seminars and trade shows. Its newest conference, packXplore, broadcasted...

Consumer Behavior Data Now Accessible for Efficient Wine Marketing

“The wine industry has been obfuscated by their data sources given the traditional three tier distribution system,” says Mabray. “Consumer behavior and the foundation of how consumers buy is not apparent to wineries, so we (Emetry) come in as kind of data miners, gather wells of data, clean them up, and put them in a data lake.”

Making Big Data Work for Wine

“Data doesn’t always tell the truth,” said Paul Mabray, CEO of Emetry in his opening remarks of the Wine Industry Data Summit, setting the tone for an inspirational series of talks about the challenges and opportunities the wine industry faces for using data to better understand and engage wine consumers in an effective and purposeful way.