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Afternoon Brief, April 7

U.S. Wine Brands Dominate 2015 Top 10 List: The wine industry as we know it today owes an inestimable debt to European knowhow and culture, but in commercial terms today's axis leans in a very different direction...

Afternoon Brief, April 2

Beringer Launches Category-Changing Method Of Consumer Sampling With Taste Station Program: This month Beringer unveils an industry-leading innovation that allows consumers to preview wine in stores without even taking a sip...

Afternoon Brief, March 20

Arsenic-Tainted Wine: Overkill or a Real Killer? If you drank a bottle of the alleged arsenic-tainted California wine, there's probably no need to rush to the attorney's office to update your will...

Afternoon Brief, March 17

Napa Winery Owner Involved in Suspected Murder-Suicide: A Napa Valley vineyard became a crime scene on Monday, as a business meeting ended with two men dead in an apparent murder-suicide over a loan gone bad...

Afternoon Brief, February 12

Canada's agriculture minister is threatening tariffs on California wine if the U.S. doesn't repeal restrictive meat-labeling laws costing Canadian farmers billions...

Afternoon Brief, October 31

Militant French winemakers strike social security building: Vandals claiming allegiance to the French militant winemaker group Comite d'Action Viticole have attacked social security offices in Languedoc Roussillon, as tension rises over the level of aid available to hail-struck producers...

Afternoon Brief, October 27

Police Investigating U.S. Winemaker's Death: Police in Oregon are investigating the death of pioneering Washington-based winemaker Eric Dunham whose body was found in Cannon Beach last Thursday...
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