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Afternoon Brief, January 8

Napa County Winery Permit Enforcement Deadline Spurs Scramble for Professionals: Napa County is undertaking a sizable effort this year to tighten enforcement of limits on how much local wineries can grow. But with less than three months until a deadline to file for permit modifications, there's growing concern among the small cadre of professionals usually tasked with such documentation about meeting the deadline...

Afternoon Brief, December 26

Beer, Spirits, & Wine - Packaged Imports Grow +8.3% by Value Over Last Twelve Months Through October 2018, Packaged Exports Decline -10.3%: Total beverage alcohol imports (including bulk and packaged) grew +7.7% by value over the last twelve months and grew +5.6% by value over the last three months...

Afternoon Brief, October 29

The Winery That Cried Wolf on Cork: Amorim, the largest cork producer in the world has made major innovations in closures over the years. From updating cork-harvesting techniques and standards to producing higher quality corks for less money with less labor the Santa Maria de Lamas, Portugal-based cork giant has constantly attempted to innovate and change up the game on the wine closure industry...

Afternoon Brief, October 22

Stevenson Picks Out Next Great Grape for Sparkling: Renowned Champagne commentator Tom Stevenson believes he may have found a red grape as good as Pinot Noir for making sparkling wine...

Vice District Brewing Co. Announces Non-Profit Nights & Their Initial Beers

In keeping with their mission to support Chicago’s South Loop community, Vice District Brewing Co. is proud to introduce Non-Profit Nights. Mondays throughout the year...

Diverse Winners Emerge From Largest-Ever World Beer Cup

2014 competition saw 4,754 entries from 58 countries Boulder, CO • April 11, 2014—The Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade group dedicated to promoting and protecting America's small...

Afternoon Brief, March 27

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Beyond the Wine Aroma Wheel: ‘Wine Aroma Matrix’ pairs Olfactory with Vision The Wine Aroma Matrix, WA-trix for short, represents an innovative new...

Afternoon Brief, March 21

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Ex-Microsoft Strategist Nathan Myhrvold Offers Wine Tips to Shock Snobs Nathan Myhrvold -- the former chief strategist and chief technology officer...

Afternoon Brief, Mar. 6

Trending Story: Oregon wineries should plan for another warm vintage, says scientist Greg Jones World-renowned research climatologist Greg Jones told the Oregon wine industry the forecast for weather...
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