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Enoforum 2022 Spain a Success

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In the two-day wine innovation event in Zaragoza, 500 technicians attended the presentation of innovative solutions from researchers from 10 countries and 28 leading companies in the sector

The third edition of Enoforum Spain, which took place at the Zaragoza Trade Fair Congress Center on 20th and 21st April and was attended by no less than 500 conference attendees, has come to an end. After the first edition in attendance in May 2018, the pandemic in 2020 forced a virtual edition, which nonetheless expanded participation to as many as 1,500 people, with significant involvement from South America.     

The success of Enoforum – says Gianni Trioli, founder of Vinidea and creator of Enoforum – lies in the fact that it represents a unique opportunity for technicians involved in innovation to acquire in a short space of time all the information they need to successfully transfer a new technology to their own production: the principles and the scientific basis of a new practice, the details on equipment or products that allow its application in the cellar or in the vineyard, the experience of colleagues, the elements for a preliminary cost/benefit analysis. All this can be found at Enoforum“.

The numbers of Enoforum give a measure of the amount of information available to technicians in the sector.

The programme of the congress included 43 reports, 23 of which were of a scientific nature from university researchers and 20 technical reports from R&D managers of innovative companies. 6 tasting sessions, attended by more than 200 attendees, provided concrete examples of the results that can be obtained with the new techniques. 28 innovative companies presented the results of their R&D activities, with reports from the congress, demonstrations and tastings, in the stands of the exhibition area. Six European projects Horizon, Life, Cosme were presented at Enoforum.

According to Paloma Caldentey of Vinidea, coordinator of Enoforum Spain 2022, “technicians and companies have responded enthusiastically to the offer of an event finally in presence where they can meet and exchange experiences and opinions from the last few years. The organization of such a large and complex event requires a strong commitment for many months, but a good collaboration has developed between the Vinidea team, the Excell Iberica team, Feria of Zaragoza and the various media partners, which has allowed Enoforum 2022 to take place with great public participation and without any technical problems“.

Enoforum 2022 was organized in collaboration with GIEnol (Grupo de Investigacion Enologica), PTV (Plataforma Tecnologica del Vino), SIVE (Società Italiana di Viticoltura ed Enologia) and Enomaq (whose next edition is scheduled for February 2023). Besides OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), the event received the patronage of the associations of enologists of Rioja, Extremadura, Canarias, Aragon, Castilla-La-Mancha, Valencia, Cataluña and Galicia, as well as FEAE (Federación Española de las Asociaciones de Enológos).

The involvement of the institutions and associations of the Spanish wine world is the result of the work of Antonio Palacios of Excell Iberica, who declared at the end of the event: “the 3 objectives of Enoforum 2022 – participation, internationalization, sharing innovations – have all been successfully achieved. The participation of 500 people makes Enoforum the largest Spanish congress in the sector. More than half of the congress reports (25 out of 43) were presented by foreign speakers from 9 different countries. The quality level of the innovations described was very high, as was the level of interaction between the technicians and the authors of public and private research”.

Recordings of the reports presented at Enoforum 2022, with their translations, will be available in the coming months on INFOWINE – Internet Magazine of Viticulture and Oenology (www.infowine.com).

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