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New York Wines Sarl. Under New Management


April 9th – PENN YAN, NY – New York Wines Sarl., European supplier of Finger Lakes wines, is now under new management. The company will now operate as New York Wines, a division of Terra Persà B.V.

The change in name also comes with a change in leadership. CEO Sanaz Sadegh has taken over for Christian Claessens and moved the wine venture to its new headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. Sadegh brings an esteemed background in biochemistry and winemaking to the business, in addition to being a Sommelier Conseil, a protected title given by the Universite du vin in Suze La Rousse, France. Her love of wine came from her childhood in Iran, where her father made wine as a hobbyist. After completing a winemaking internship at Fox Run Vineyards, Sadegh returned to Antwerp, where she continued to make and sell wine.

New York Wines is part of a greater project for Sadegh. The 35-year-old opened The Wine Project in February, a combined wine bar, wine shop, and education center. Bottles at her shop range from 8 to 250 euros, and will include a selection of New York wines.

New York Wines will continue to represent it’s New York partners and promote New York wines in over a dozen European countries. For more information about the transition, contact Christian Claessens at christian@newyorkwines.eu or Sanaz Sadegh at sanaz@newyorkwines.eu



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