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Canossa Events Announces Additional Tour Dates and Support of the Edible Schoolyard Project


Europe’s luxury automotive tour provider will help support Alice Water’s innovative educational program with launch of its upcoming California tour.

Sept. 24, 2020 (Paso Robles, Calif.) – Canossa Events, Europe’s preeminent luxury touring program for auto enthusiasts, is pleased to announce additional tour dates in fall 2020. Guests can safely enjoy Grand Tour California – Paso Robles select tours now through November 8, 2020. Open dates for reservations include: October 1 – 4, 2020 and November 5 – 8, 2020. 

Canossa Events sceneCanossa is also proud to share its support of Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard Project. 

Beginning with the September 24th tour, Canossa North America will match a portion of donor contributions to the California-based Edible Schoolyard Project, which supports innovative school programs that promote sustainability through local farming and educates students on the vital importance of environmental stewardship.
Canossa Events has long partnered with various non-profits throughout Europe, ranging from historic restoration projects, to youth in need and its longstanding commitment to the environment. With Paso Robles’ ranching and sustainable farming foundation, a project connected to children, education and sustainability seemed the perfect fit for the company’s first North American tour. 
“We are located in the heart of Italy’s Food Valley where the Slow Food Movement originated, so we are more than familiar with Chef Alice Waters and all that she has done to promote farm-to-fork education from the ground up. We are thrilled to incorporate her menus and philosophy throughout the tours, and honored to give back to the cause,” comments Canossa founder Luigi Orlandini.
Canossa’s commitment to sustainability and the environment began with its founding. As such, all of its rallies are carbon zero: for every rally held, Canossa Events plants new trees in the Apennines Mountains in Italy, and now California and North America, to equally offset any CO2 emissions. It’s partnership with the CarbonZero Project for the past five years monitors and tracks the tree planting regionally. 
In addition to its renowned wine, slow-food movement and jaw-dropping views, Paso Robles was chosen as a destination in large part for its community-wide commitment to sustainability. A majority of the region’s wineries and farms grow organically, the acclaimed Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certification farming program was founded there, and Paso was one of the first wine regions to create a network of charging stations to promote electric vehicle travel. 

For the more information about the California Grand Tour – Paso Robles Edition, and to inquire about reservations, please visit Canossa.com.

About Canossa Events

Founded in 2010 in Italy’s Motor Valley and Food Valley – Emilia Romagna – Canossa Events is Europe’s preeminent provider of luxury automotive rallies and motorsport events for the discerning enthusiast. Canossa Events offers Canossa Grand Tours, which furnishes guests with their own Fiat 500 Abarth and guides them on curated tours of Italy’s most storied regions to fully indulge in la dolce vita. Canossa Events, a Motorsport Network company, launched Canossa Events North America in 2019. 



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