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Livermore Winemaker Steven Mirassou Garners Two 100-Point Scores for 2017 Vintage


2017 “The Premier” Cabernet and 2017 “Lineage” Achieve 100 Point Scores

Steven K. MirassoLivermore, California—July 8, 2020— Winemaker, Steven Kent Mirassou, is releasing a new set of wines under The Lineage Collection to unprecedented critical acclaim.

Well-known wine critic, Steve Heimoff, who wrote for many years for both Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, recently reviewed three Steven Kent Winery wines, scoring one 95 points and the other two,100 points. This marks the first time that any Livermore Valley wine has ever been awarded 100 points by a renowned wine critic, and are Steven Mirassou’s first 100 point wines of his 25-year winemaking career.

2017 Steven Kent Winery Ghielmetti Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, $65: 95 points 

“The best Ghielmetti from Steven Kent I ever reviewed was the 2007, and this beauty is even better. Right from the get-go, you know it’s a fine, serious wine. One hundred percent varietal Cabernet, it shows impressively alluring aromas of blackcurrants, savory red licorice and toasty oak, with similar flavors that veer into rich, creamy milk chocolate. There’s an elusively herbal touch—Bay leaf? Sweet thyme? Just enough to ground it. And is that floral note violets? It’s very rich—the winery calls it “gigantic”–but the structure is superb. Such nice tannins, firm and sweet, with a fine bite of acidity to balance everything out, and a noble, dry finish. To be honest, Bordeaux wishes they could get grapes this ripe.” – SH

2017 Steven Kent Winery “The Premier” Cabernet Sauvignon, $125: 100 points

“Made from 100% Cabernet, this wine is a blend of three vineyards the winery accesses, including their Home Ranch and the esteemed Ghielmetti. The result is, in a word, stunning. I would stand it next to any Cabernet Sauvignon in the world; it’s that good…. If I had a case, I’d try to keep my hands off it for six years, and then open one bottle a year. I could give this wine 98, 99 points and hedge my bets, but why bother? It’s perfect. Score: 100 points.”

 2017 Lineage Wine Company “Lineage,” $175: 100 points

“This is the winery’s Bordeaux-style blend, although it’s probably time to stop using that derivative phrase. It’s 75% Cabernet Sauvignon (legally enough to call it Cabernet; proprietor Steven Mirassou prefers to call it “Red Blend”), 20% Merlot, and 5% Cabernet Franc. The precision, tailoring and esthetic impact of Lineage are remarkable. I don’t taste a huge range of wines anymore since I retired, but I have my memory and my notes of the tens of thousands of California Cabs and blends I tasted in my career. And frankly, none have been better. A huge achievement, both for Steven Kent and for the Livermore Valley to which he has been dedicated for so long.” – SH

“I’m delighted to have made such an impression on one of the toughest wine critics out there,” said Steven Mirassou, sixth-generation winemaker from America’s oldest winemaking family, whose goal has been to make world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux style blends from the Livermore Valley since starting the Steven Kent Winery in 1996. 

“Steve Heimoff’s reviews underscore what I have always known about the Livermore Valley: it is capable of greatness, and deserves the attention and respect of anyone who considers themself a connoisseur of the world’s finest Cabernet Sauvignons.”

Mirassou and his son Aidan (7th generation winemaker), make wine for The Lineage Wine Company and The Steven Kent Winery, two wine brands widely regarded as among the most prestigious in the Livermore appellation. 

As CEO of The Lineage Collection, Mirassou oversees management and operations of the company, and holds the title of Chief Winemaker for all wine projects. 

 To learn more, contact Nancy Castro, Sales & Marketing Director at [email protected] or 408-637-1452 (mobile).



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