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Emetry and 5forests Partner to Empower Wine Marketing

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NAPA, CALIFORNIA, MAY 2020: Emetry is thrilled to announce a partnership long in the making. 5forests, a marketing agency that helps wineries grow, and Emetry, a consumer insights software solution, have come together to bridge the gap between wineries, their data, and consumers. This new partnership aims to help wine brands leverage data insights to deliver a tailored, omnichannel experience to their customers.

The world looks very different than it did six months ago. Consumers are purchasing more online than ever before, and their priorities and expectations have changed. Although consumer behavior has changed, wine marketing hasn’t. For many wineries, their data is fractured across various systems, making it difficult to see the big picture and near impossible to act on it. 

“Wine marketing has been too hard for too long. Ecommerce here, insights there, analytics, newsletters, social media, digital advertising… all living in their own bubbles, with wine marketers wasting too many hours trying to see the big picture. Our clients needed a better way to communicate with customers, and we set out to find one.” – Polly Hammond, Managing Director of 5forests.

The partnership between Emetry and 5forests solves the challenge of fractured systems and advances the way you can market and sell wine. Using predictive analytics and proprietary segmentation model, Emetry analyzes customer behavior to expose intervention opportunities. Leveraging these moments at scale requires automation.  

“The online channel has come alive, and it’s time to apply data-driven marketing automation to really catapult winery sales into today. This is not a do-it-yourself type of project. It requires experienced professionals who understand how to link journeys, tools, and results and create the right message for the right customer at the right time. 5forests are those professionals,” said Emetry CEO, Paul Mabray.

New Day by 5forests brings your platforms, channels, insights, and communications together under one roof to reach the customer where they are. Working with wine brands to develop customer journeys that drive sales, craft creative, and copy to fit your brand, leverage learnings to optimize automations, and report what matters.

Wine marketing has been fractured for too long. This partnership between Emetry and 5forests empowers wine brands to take control of their data, systems, and communications and use them to drive their business forward.

ABOUT EMETRY: Emetry is a data analytics software solution for wine brands. We aggregate data from a range of digital sources to construct meaningful understanding and uncover answers to build consumer relationships, drive direct-to-consumer sales, and advance distribution growth. 

ABOUT 5FORESTS: 5forests is a global digital marketing agency for the wine industry. We work with wine businesses who are ready to embrace new possibilities and transform your bottom line. We know that pretty pictures mean nothing if the wines don’t sell.

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