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“The Business of Wine” On-Demand Learning Launches with Real-time Profit Calculators


Master of Wine Tim Hanni and WineBusinessEducation.com Deliver Information Relevant to Every Facet of the Wine Industry

Bend, Ore.Jan. 29, 2020–Tim Hanni, Master of Wine (MW), announces the launch of his proprietary blend of on-demand learning and suite of six real-time financial calculators that encompass the business of wine from decisions in the vineyard to decisions in the tasting room.

The Business of Wine course delivers online wine business education to wine professionals, wine and hospitality industry students, startup wine companies, Master of Wine students, and anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings of the wine business. The course is available via Hanni’s platform, WineBusinessEducation.com, and is presented in an eight-lesson online format covering the business of wine, grapes, cost of goods, production, distribution, sales and marketing, and the import and export of wine. The Business of Wine series includes a one-year subscription to the suite of wine business financial workbooks created by Hanni and his partners, Chris Cutler and Danni Lin.

“The comprehensive, on-demand learning platform provided by The Business of Wine—in combination with the robust suite of financial tools—allows for a tailored, full-access approach to learning about the business of wine and putting knowledge to practical use for education, sales and marketing, vineyard management and winery operations,” said Hanni, one of the first two resident Americans to successfully complete the examination to earn the title Master of Wine.

The Business of Wine ups the ante with regards to wine business education with the inclusion of the suite of wine-specific financial workbooks. Offering real-life applications of cost of goods comparisons involving different variables throughout the supply chain, the suite of financial workbooks democratizes wine business financials and empowers everyone in the business of wine to accurately scale their daily, monthly, and yearly forecasting with ease-of-use and accuracy. The financial workbooks can be tailored to regionally-specific businesses in states and regions throughout the United States.

The financial workbooks enable a thorough examination of costs within a specific segment of a winery’s particular operations including:

  • Winery Cost of Goods Workbook
  • Wine Pricing Calculator
  • Vineyard P&L and Cash Flow Workbook
  • Tasting Room Profitability Calculator
  • Marketing, Sales and Portfolio Management Workbook
  • Blending Profitability Workbook

“The WBE profit planners are important tools for winegrowers and producers in understanding their production costs and sales channel margins, essential to the success of their wine business,” said Bree Boskov, MW, Oregon Wine Board Education Manager.

Working on behalf of all Oregon wineries and independent growers throughout the state, the Oregon Wine Board is offering all members a one-year subscription to the suite of WBE financial calculators at zero cost during the upcoming Oregon Wine Symposium, February 11 and 12, at the Oregon Convention Center. Members of the Oregon wine industry can sign up at  https://industry.oregonwine.org/education/profit-planner/ to access their year-long subscription.

Hanni is leading two demonstrations of the financial workbooks at the Oregon Wine Symposium educational event and trade show on February 11 at the Oregon Convention Center.

Included for one year with the purchase of the Wine Business Education on-demand learning series, the suite of financial calculators empower wineries and vineyards to make informed business decisions—from pruning to pricing to packaging to personnel—that positively impact their bottom line. Quick-start instructions and video tutorials on how to maximize the use of the financial tools are included in the Wine Business Education learning platform.

The cost of the complete course is $475, which includes a one-year subscription to course content and wine financial calculators. The cost of the wine financial calculators alone is $360/year. These calculators are being used by wine programs including Washington State, Michigan State University, Napa Valley Wine Academy and Sonoma State University, as well as the Oregon Wine Board. Information can be found at WineBusinessEducation.com.

About Tim Hanni

Tim Hanni, MW, is one of the first two Americans to successfully complete the examination and earn the title Master of Wine. He is a Certified Wine Educator accredited by the Society of Wine Educators and has been involved with wine–and food-related businesses, education, and research –for more than thirty-five years. Hanni co-founded myVinotype, a tool for consumers to learn more about their own preferences, and a smart wine recommendation platform for wine-related businesses. TimHanni.com, myVinotype.com, WineBusinessEducation.com.



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