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3 Tips for Wooing Your Wine Club


By Kristie Sheppard

You know the story. Wine lovers see a promotion to “join the club” or to get those special “members-only” benefits and they sign up for your wine club. They’re excited. You’re excited. You send out the first shipment and the next thing you know, they cancel the membership. You may ask yourself, ‘How did I get here?’ You thought this was the start of a great relationship. Is it your fate to fizzle in the face of defeat? Not if you woo your wine lovers. Here are three tips to transform your members from mere customers to loyal lovers of your brand. 

Make sure you have what they want

Make your members blush with excitement the day their shipment arrives. Leading up to delivery, build up the anticipation through emails, social media and phone calls. Make each and every member feel like they are the only one – as if they are your single priority. Personalize your package by including a note or brief letter. Even better – toss in some extra swag. Think of your shipment as the one piece of mail your members look forward to. Your club members should be thrilled to receive that big box!

Be something they want to talk about

Use your shipment as an opportunity to cultivate your relationship with club members. Include fun tips, tricks and recipes that will make your members want to tell their friends and family. Include a referral discount coupon for them to pass along when they do. Go beyond just delivering a product and include a wine experience in each shipment. For example, with the summer shipment of Sauvignon Blanc, include a dinner recipe that pairs with the wine. Toss in suggestions for table settings that match the label and your brand colors, as well as some craft supplies with an instruction card on how to turn that wine bottle into a centerpiece. If a shipment has sparkling wine, include instructions on how to saber it. If you give your members something to talk about while enjoying the wine, they will. You will have nurtured brand ambassadors happy to spread the love.

Make members feel special

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Communicate with your members more often than just notifying them of their shipment. Turn the purchase into a relationship. Send a birthday card or wine club anniversary card. Call them once they receive their shipment to answer questions about the wine. Engage with them on social media by liking their posts, commenting on their activities or creating conversations through a custom hashtag. In order for your members to feel that you care, you have to show them you do.

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Kristie SheppardExpert Editorial
By Kristie Sheppard, A. Bright Idea Advertising and Public Relations

Kristie Sheppard is a Senior Communications Specialist with A. Bright Idea and owner of Kieran Robinson Wines. Kristie has worked in marketing and public relations for over 15 years creating unique marketing opportunities for a variety of nonprofit organizations.



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