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Tonnellerie Vicard Hires Trent Ghiringhelli as Vicard-USA Business Development Manager


NAPA, August 20, 2018-/Vicard-USA has hired Trent Ghiringhelli as their West Coast Business Development Manager to sell the Tonnellerie Vicard range of barrels. Formerly distributed by the Bouchard Group, this strategic move will allow more direct, personalized contact with our winemaking clientele and enhance our ability to provide exceptional customer service to all new and existing customers of Vicard barrels.

“Trent will be a great addition to the Tonnellerie Vicard group as we re-establish ourselves in the local market.  We strive for excellence through innovation and customer service and Trent is excited to share the Vicard story and barrels with you!” said Jean-Charles Vicard.  Mr. Ghiringhelli is a multi-generational Napa Valley native who graduated from St. Helena High School and holds a degree from CU Boulder Leeds School of Business. He possesses 20 years of diverse wine industry experience including management, direct sales, hospitality, and winemaking. “I’m really looking forward to expanding the presence of Tonnellerie Vicard in the US Market and am honored to part of such a storied cooperage” said Mr. Ghiringhelli.

If you would like more information about Tonnellerie Vicard barrels, please contact: Trent Ghiringhelli: [email protected] / Cell: (707) 266-4101

The Vicard Group is led by Jean-Charles Vicard; sixth generation cooper and the grandson of Paul Vicard, who began making barrels in a small workshop in Cognac in 1925.  Tonnellerie Vicard’s “official” Cooperage was founded in 1968, by Jean Vicard (Paul’s son) and under Jean’s guidance, purchased their first parcel of land in 1970.  The group has continued to grow and evolve for the past 50 years.  Still family owned and operated, Tonnellerie Vicard remains 100% vertically integrated; from personally selecting wood for their barrels to their state-of-the-art cooperage in Cognac which includes a 20 acre wood yard and tank facility. This family owned, hands-on approach ensures superb quality for each barrel produced. Tonnellerie Vicard, exported to the United States since 1985 is now sold in 35 countries worldwide.

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