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Vinventions Unveils New Logos and the Consolidation of Legal Entity Names


Leading Wine Closure Solution provider unveils new logos for Vinventions Group and for its successful House of 7 Brands; Consolidates its companies under the name “Vinventions” globally

ZEBULON, NC, USA, and THIMISTER, Belgium (Oct. 2, 2017) Vinventions, the global leader in Complete Wine Closure Solutions, unveiled its new logo landscape, giving both the Group as well as its successful House of 7 Brands a new and distinct look. Further, Vinventions announced today that all its production plants and commercial offices around the world, previously known by the names of its subbrands “Nomacorc,” “Ohlinger,” or “Juvenal” (South Africa) are renamed to “Vinventions” as of October 1, 2017.

“We have successfully established Vinventions as the most innovative and most trusted global supplier of Complete Closure Solutions to the still and sparkling wine industry,” says Dr. Heino Freudenberg, President and CEO of Vinventions. “Therefore, we now introduce to our customers and partners our set of new, beautiful and easy-to-distinguish logos—both for the Vinventions Group and for our House of 7 Brands. The renaming of our legal entities to ‘Vinventions’ then completes this transformation. This House of 7 Brands, which encompasses 5 product groups and 2 service offerings, gives unrivaled peace of mind to wineries and retailers worldwide when it comes to the small, yet success-critical step of safely closing their wine bottles.”

As part of this transition, Vinventions has unveiled its new Group logo. “Making wine is a wonderful, yet demanding journey. At the end of this journey, there is a significant moment: The Moment of Truth, when we swirl the wine in our glass and have our five senses fully embrace the wine. This Moment of Truth is what Vinventions is set out to protect and enhance for our customers—using our Complete Wine Closure Solutions to make every bottle better,” says Malcolm Thompson, Chief Innovation Officer and President, Americas, Vinventions. “We have chosen our new Vinventions logo to celebrate this Moment of Truth—as a symbol of our passion and our dedication to our customers and the success of their wines.”

All products and services of Vinventions’ Complete Wine Closure Solutions will also be offered under newly designed brand logos, which include Nomacorc in green for PlantCorc™, Syntek in red for traditional synthetics, Ohlinger in cork-color for natural cork, Vintop in blue for screwcaps, Vinolok/Vinoseal in grey for glass closures (unchanged), as well as Wine Quality Solutions for oenological tools and services and Wine Marketing Solutions for marketing services, both these brands in Vinventions-red, symbolizing their use across all closure products.

This new Vinventions corporate identity will be evident in all communication with immediate effect. It will not affect or delay any current or future orders of branded products for Vinventions’ customers and partners.


Vinventions was created in 2015 by family entrepreneur Marc Noël together with Bespoke Capital Partners, Heino Freudenberg and further partners. Vinventions’ mission is to be the most innovative and most trusted global supplier of Complete Wine Closure Solutions to the still and sparkling wine industry. Since January 2015, Vinventions has acquired Nomacorc, Ohlinger Group and Syntek Bouchage and has created strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Preciosa (glass crystals) and Cork Supply (natural cork). This led to the creation of Vinventions’ “House of 7 Brands,” and its Complete Wine Closure Solutions, which encompass Nomacorc (PlantCorcs), Syntek (synthetics), Ohlinger (natural corks), Vintop (screwcaps) and Vinolok (glass closures) as well as Wine Quality Solutions (oenological tools and services) and Wine Marketing Solutions (marketing services and wine consumer insights). Today, Vinventions employs over 550 associates globally and operates seven production sites in USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Argentina, South Africa and China. Vinventions protects every eighth wine bottle worldwide with its closure solutions, making it the second largest wine closure supplier worldwide with strong organic sales growth in 2017. The leadership values of Vinventions are based on customer proximity, innovation, local entrepreneurship, open teamwork, sustainability and long-term responsibility. Find out more at www.vinventions.com.



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