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Winestyr Opens New Fulfillment Center in Chicagoland


Begins offering 1-2 day shipping to Midwest, expands portfolio of producers

Winestyr, an innovative tech-enabled company that streamlines direct-to-consumer wine sales for small wine producers, recently announced an undisclosed amount of new funding to fuel growth and move its fulfillment operation from Northern California to a state-of-the-art 12,000 square foot facility in Chicagoland. As a result of this move, Winestyr customers will now be able to expect 1-2 business day shipping in the Chicagoland area and 1-3 business day shipping to most states east of the Rockies. Additionally, Winestyr will be expanding its portfolio to include wine producers in Oregon, Washington, and other states to go along with their portfolio of over 100 California producers.

Winestyr connects consumers directly with a curated selection of over 100 of the country’s best small wine producers including Donkey & Goat, Matthiasson, and Oregon’s Division Winemaking Company. Winestyr’s unique and proprietary wine marketplace platform was built wholly in-house and affords wine consumers an Amazon-like purchase and shipping experience. Wine club members also enjoy perks like $0 shipping on all orders and preferred pricing on their expertly curated portfolio of wines. 

“This investment will allow us to grow and continue to push the envelope in this unharnessed vertical,” said Bob Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Winestyr. “We are setting the standard in the online wine space and will continue to innovate and expand to ensure that consumers everywhere have access to the country’s best small wine producers at the very best prices, with Amazon-like fulfillment.”

Founded in 2011, Winestyr was launched by Chicagoland natives Bob Wilson, John Wilson, and Scott Washburn, three entrepreneurs who saw a need for a new way to connect consumers with the best small-production wines. Winestyr’s solution focuses on the unique needs of the top-echelon of domestic small wine producers and wine consumers in need of a reliable source for real, exciting, small-production wines in the $20-$50 price range.

“Winestyr has quickly become the premier service for consumers who want real wines from real wine producers” said Scott Washburn, Chief Growth Officer. “We have an unflinching commitment to authenticity and transparency when it comes to the producers we work with. We are the only wine company that we know of operating under a true marketplace model and that makes us the only company that never produces, private labels, or resells wine through the traditional three-tiered channels.”


Winestyr Based in Chicago, Winestyr is a privately held tech-enabled wine company that streamlines the discovery and purchase of hard-to-find wines from over 100 of America’s best small wine producers with our proprietary full-service wine marketplace technology and critically acclaimed wine clubs. Winestyr is the only marketplace wine service of its kind and is the only online wine company that never makes wine and never retails wine. Learn more by visiting winestyr.com.

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