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Eurodia Founder and Chairman, Bernard Gillery and Renowned French Enology Researcher, Jean Luis Escudier Arrive in Napa for the Oenodia Global Conference, May 14-17th, 2017


Napa: May 10, 2017 – Bernard Gillery, Founder and Chairman of Eurodia Industrie of France, and one of the originators in the development of the Electrodialysis processes for Tartrate Stabilization, will be in Napa this week for the first OENODIA GLOBAL CONFERENCE. OENODIA, the Eurodia wine division which has a branch office in Napa, was created as a result of the development of an innovative solution for the Tartaric Stabilization of wine along with Monsieur Gillery’s interest in developing a range of exclusive and highly effective solutions tailored to the winemaking industry. OENODIA and its eco-processes, which guarantee quality treatments without any additives; Tartaric Stabilization by Electrodialysis, as well as membrane-based pH and alcohol adjustment, now operate in 12 countries across 5 continents.

Partners from across the globe will join Monsieur Gillery in Napa next week to discuss the future of OENODIA, the company’s continued growth, their ongoing commitment to Research & Development and the new technologies they have in the pipeline. In December of last year, OENODIA announced the introduction of their new STARS XF, which combines single pass Crossflow with STARS Tartaric Stabilization. STARS XF is part of their newly expanded STARS line, which also includes STARS Stab for Tartrate Stabilization, and STARS pH for pH Adjustment.

Another KeyNote Speaker joining Mr Gillery at the Conference will be Jean Luis Escudier, renowned expert in enology and former Director of the experimental unit of Pech Rouge-INRA France where, in collaboration with the Joint Research Unit for “science for the oenology”, Jean Luis was also involved in the development of the ED process which allows winemakers to eliminate the deposits in the wine while avoiding the addition of compound stabilizers.


Bernard Gillery is the Founder & Chairman of Eurodia Industrie of France. Mr. Gillery is a Chemical Engineer with greater than 30 years of experience working with purification systems. Under Mr. Gillery’s leadership Eurodia has become a world-leader in liquid purification industrial processes, generating over 35 million euros in income in 2016, serving preeminent customers in the Agro-food and Biotech industries worldwide.

Eurodia was initially established for the design, manufacturing and sales of electro-dialysis stacks to industries in Dairy and Water sectors. Today, Eurodia has expanded its sales and services to include customized turnkey process solutions combining innovative technologies such as electro dialysis, chromatography, ion exchange systems, and membrane filtration.


OENODIA is the oenology division of Eurodia Industrie S.A, (France) one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for the agri-food industry. OENODIA®, provides membrane based eco-processes used for tartaric stabilization, acidification, de-acidification, cross-flow filtration and de-alcoholization of wines.

A new OENODIA branch office, OENODIA NORTH AMERICA, opened in Napa in 2015. The location will provide direct support and service to the growing number of wineries utilizing the STARS (Specific Tartrate Removal System), STARS Ph and STARS Mobile Service.

For more information about OENODIA, visit www.oenodia.us

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