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Casa de Uco Launches Sales of Fully Managed Vineyard Parcels in Mendoza


The boutique vineyard and resort in one of the top wine capitals of the world now offers wine enthusiasts the opportunity to become winemakers in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina—Casa de Uco, a family-owned vineyard and boutique resort spanning 800-acres in the Uco Valley, launched sales of its organic, fully managed vineyard parcels for wine enthusiasts from all over the world to fulfil their dreams of growing, producing and indulging in their own wine. In what is known as one of the world’s most prosperous terroir for growing Malbec grapes, Casa de Uco offers the opportunity to work side by side with its team of experts without the steep upfront costs of building a winery.

At the vineyard estate, part of the unsung wine region of Uco Valley and typically referred to as Argentina’s Napa Valley of 30 years ago, inspiring vintners can purchase one or more of Casa de Uco’s 80 plots of land, from half an acre and up starting at $45,000. 

Parcel owners have a flexible level of desired involvement and can choose to engage at any and/or every stage of the process, which involves selecting the type of soil, grape picking and crushing, ageing the wine in a customized oak barrel and creating tailored names and labels. Meanwhile, Casa de Uco’s team of world-class expert agronomists and enologists take care of the maintenance, harvest, fermentation process, bottling and labeling as well as logistics of exporting the final product. The expert team is led by world-renowned Alberto Antonini, head winemaker and consultant, well-known known for pioneering Argentine Malbec wines’ international recognition and appreciation.

“Based on my 16 years of experience winemaking in Uco Valley, I can say some of Mendoza’s best wines come from Uco Valley, which is celebrated for its exceptional terroir for organic, premium wine crafting,” said Alberto Antonini.

The experience grants vineyard owners the option to take the wine home, sell it for revenue and/or include their personalized wines in Casa de Uco’s restaurant wine list.

They also receive an annual vineyard planning consultation with Casa de Uco specialists, a complimentary resort membership, complimentary stays, discounted hotel and dining rates and access to the resort’s cultural and outdoor amenities and activities. 

The property, tucked away in the foothills of the snow-capped Andes Mountains, receives 300 days of sun and is organically managed under near-perfect desert-like climate, which is ideal for grape growing. There are eight grape varieties vineyard owners can choose from, including four reds and four whites.

“Eight years ago, my father and I wanted to build private residences in what was then untouched land in the Uco Valley until we realized that, like for us, winemaking is a passion for many, so we created a setting where we could share the winemaking passion with wine lovers from all over the world without the hassles that managing a vineyard entail, “said Casa de Uco’s owner and founder, Juan Tonconogy.

The property also launched sales of its 10 virgin plots among the vineyard for owners to purchase their own two-to-three-bedroom residential villa. The sustainable, turnkey villas boast unparalleled seclusion and panoramic views of the mountains and surrounding vineyards with modern yet relaxed furnishings. The villas are designed by renowned architectural firm Alberto Tonconogy & Associates, owned and founded by Juan Tonconogy’s father.

The self-sufficient villas boast green rooftops, solar and photovoltaic panels, geothermal energy in floorings and walls for heating and air-conditioning, and self-contained water and heating systems. Each site is separated by natural flora that provides maximum intimacy and most importantly, preserves the biodiversity and natural environment of the estate.

Villa and vineyard owners can take advantage of an array of activities at the resort, including parcel wine paring tastings through the vineyards, vineyard bike and horseback rides, vinotherapy spa treatments, yoga, net fishing, water rafting, vineyard star gazing, cooking classes, blending sessions and vineyard and/or mountainside “asados”, which is an Argentine BBQ cooked over open flames.

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