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Wine Clubs Make Life Better


Joining a wine club can enrich people’s lives. Though most wine club brochures and web information concentrate on the concrete things that people get when they join the wine club, without including the emotional rewards that initially make people want to join your club in the first place!

Wine clubs are a community of people that are interested in your wine. Many people do not have the types of traditional communities that we found in the past. We do not all live close to our families and many people do not know their neighbors or go to church regularly. So, we look for communities through hobbies or interests. Wine is a marvelous way of bringing people together and we should do our best to connect people who belong to our wine clubs and make them an extension of the winery family.

When we promote the emotional reasons for joining the wine club we are adding value to our wine clubs and value that makes members feel good about themselves.  Discounts, while they are an important sales tool may, when used incorrectly, actually devalue the perceptions consumers create around the wine.  Look on winery websites and you will often find that the first four benefits of joining a wine club are varied discounts that the winery is offering wine club members on current releases, older vintages, non-wine items, event ticket prices, etc. Certainly it is good to tell people about discounts you offer, but remember that we buy when our emotions are engaged and discounts, for most people, are an intellectual rather than an emotional reason to buy.

So with a tip of the glass from me to you, here are some emotional reasons that will not only increase membership in your wine club, they will also increase retention and enrich peoples lives:

  • Tell prospects that they deserve to be a wine club member
  • Remind them that wine makes life better and that they are worth it
  • Show visitors how the recipes and pairing information you send them will make their dinner parties much more fun, less work and less stressful.

    Elizabeth Slater- Founder & Vice President of WIN

For more information on how wine clubs make life better, visit the Resource Center of the Wine Industry Network (wineindustrynetwork.com).

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