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Selling Wine…Meet Facebook!


For the last two years, like just about everyone I know, I’ve been friending, posting, and indulging in a lot of general voyeurism on Facebook, but mostly trying to figure out how to use this channel to actually help sell. Not indirectly through clever posting…but really sell.

Well….leave it to the brain trust over at Cruvee to come up with a solution….and I love it! Not only have they been making it easier to control the accuracy of your winery’s online data, the new Facebook application they’ve developed allows participating wineries to add a “WINES” tab that not only markets their brands in a way never before seen but also links your fans directly back to their shopping cart. Wineries now have the opportunity to finally try to convert their fans into actual consumers. Here’s the best part….it’s FREE!

Check out a few that are already on board:

  1. Jordan Vineyards & Winery: FACEBOOK LINK
  2. Hanzell Vineyards: FACEBOOK LINK
  3. Twisted Oak Winery: FACEBOOK LINK
George Christie - Founder & President of WIN

Now I’m not here to tell you what to do…but this should be an easy one. Just visit www.cruvee.com , register your winery (if you haven’t already) and follow the instructions for the Facebook application.

Good selling!

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