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WineAmerica: Wine = Power

All 50 states have wine producers — 10,637 in all — which preserve the land, hire local people, support suppliers, attract tourists, contribute to...

Spring 2023 National Wine Policy Conference

WineAmerica returns to to Washington DC for our annual National Wine Policy Conference this May 9-10th. The conference combines learning, advocacy, and networking. Taking...

Will TTB Eliminate All Standards of Fill?

The TTB is asking for comment about eliminating all standards of fill for wine and spirits. By Jeff Siegel The wine industry, already beset by supply...

Afternoon Brief, April 6

COVID-19’s Impact on Beverage Alcohol M&A Activity: Now, several weeks into COVID-19s appearance and rapid spread in the U.S., the virus's impact on the beverage alcohol industry and related merger and acquisition activity is starting to come into focus...

Afternoon Brief, April 2

Wine And Spirits Retail Sales Remain Vibrant In The Golden State: It’s been two weeks since California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the state’s 40 million residents to stay home except when necessary, and retail sales of beverage alcohol in the Golden State continue to surge...

Afternoon Brief, March 30

U.S. Wineries Estimated March Loss More Than $400 Million: A survey conducted by the Wine America trade group found about 10% of U.S. wineries have collectively lost about $40.4 million so far in March - and extrapolated those numbers to assume the entire sector lost more than $400 million this month as a result of the coronavirus pandemic...

Afternoon Brief, July 23

Grape harvest begins early in Temecula Wine Country: Experiencing the grape harvest in the local vineyards has rarely been on a July to-do list but thats just what is happening now in the vineyards of Temeculas Wine County and across the state...

Wine Industry Associations…Helping Members Thrive in Today’s Economy

by Jim Brumm Making great wine is hard enough, but layer on the marketing, compliance, employees, taxes, permits, distribution, vendors, receivables, etc…it’s easy to see...
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